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12th May 2019


Steve Rowe

Human Resource Manager

Your Mechanic

Silicon Valley


Dear Rowe,

Having experienced the challenges of a faulty vehicle, especially at night, I would love to become part of your team that improves the lifestyles of individuals. My name is (please insert your name) and I am applying for the position of a front-end developer, that was recently advertised on your website. I am a skilled young developer with ambitions of realizing my potential by working in a competitive tech environment. Combining tech and mechanics is a thrilling journey I would love to venture in because of my interest in machines and solving problems associated with faulty working lines.

I will bring to the team a 3-year experience working on CSS, Java Script, and HTML 5. Besides, I am inspired by data because of its ability to shape perspectives and overcome issues that may emerge in the business environment. I am capable of handling Angular and React, an aspect that has enabled me to solve a majority of problems attached to front-end software development. My communication skills are efficient and will play a significant role in the achievement of company goals especially when interacting with clients. My ability to work together with other colleagues and personal motivation will improve the outcomes of events in the workplace.

I believe Your Mechanicโ€™s business strategy is highly viable because of its ability to address real-time issues experienced by individuals in their immediate environment. In many instances, travelers encounter different problems with their vehicles, a move that can be frustrating especially at night. At Your Mechanic, it is possible to request for help regardless of the location. Coupled with technology, individuals can overcome their fears that come with faulty vehicles in the wild. Working at your firm will enable me to play a part in an activity that shapes the perspectives of individuals and improves their livelihoods. I will uphold your company mission and vision because of its impact on my career path and realization of my potential.

I would like to thank you for your time and hope that you will invite me for a physical interview to know more about me. I am highly optimistic in securing a chance to work in your firm because of your focus in the business environment. Helping people overcome problems in their immediate environment is one of the most fulfilling exercises in my career path. I am available at any time and you can reach me through (insert email address) or (insert mobile number). My resume has been attached for your perusal.




(Insert Name)


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