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Court Security Measures

Courts take security measures to ensure the security of all participants in the proceedings. However, there are security loopholes that ought to be sealed. Some members in the court proceedings require more comprehensive security measures to match their security needs. Judges are among the highest in the ranks since they interact with a large number of criminals through their daily life. There are security measures set up to take care of their security. However, many judges lose their lives and others threatened. It often happens outside the court of law but happens because of the incidents occurring and decisions made in the court.

Certain intensive security measures are put in place to prevent security issues that arise in a court. The identity of judges is a major issue that enables their tracking down. The identity of judges should remain unknown to other members of court proceedings and the general citizens. Judges personal information should remain confidential. Judges should have the privilege to edit, change, or remove any information that could disclose who they are. Such information in financial reports or other reports with personal information should remain private to them. Additionally, judges should remain unposted and any posted photos on the platforms should be removed with or without the consent of the person who posted it.

Courts of law take certain security measures to protect the people involved. However, the security measures are not all-round and provide loopholes, which allow threatening and killing of judges. The loopholes ought to be identified andcatered for to protect judges.

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