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Therapeutic Communication


Considering my willingness to learn and gain new insights that would inspire my focus towards the entire program, I was excited I would have a significant role to play in society. I was introduced to therapeutic communication that enables individuals to identify any challenges that can interfere with their thought process. Before making any decision on anything, one has to describe an event to explain what happened and how their feelings or experiences were affected by the outcome (Rønning & Bjørkly, 2019). The learning process was smooth at first but became challenging after we were exposed to complex processes that affect the results of events in the workplace. Healthcare practitioners should understand the various aspects that affect the ability of individuals to overcome medical problems affecting them in their immediate environment.


Before joining this program, I had certain expectations that inspired me to participate in the different interactions between the instructor and me. At first, I was scared about the impact the numerous lessons would have on my schedule. However, I was ready to deal with the unexpected twists and turns that affect the focus of learners towards the overall experience of learning. After this, evaluating the extent of the impact and its connection to what I could have done, equips me with the power to develop an action plan that would control the outcome from recurring. My interactions with other classmates were guided by the instructor’s expectations about our conduct. I ensured that it would be possible to identify any new developments that would be tapped from my interactions with the class notes. However, I kept an open mind to benefit from the informative sessions outlined in the class.


Therapeutic communication plays a significant role in analyzing the problems affecting a patient and identifying viable procedures that can be used to solve the incident. During the interactions between a nurse and a patient, various processes must be outlined to understand the cause of the illness affecting an individual (Yeh, 2017). During the learning sessions, our instructors were keen to identify the importance of maintaining a friendly face to avoid triggering any unwanted emotions from the patient, which might hinder them from disclosing information regarding their condition. However, exposing an individual to an enabling environment where they can accomplish their desired objectives creates an opportunity to understand the problem that affects the patient.

The teaching approaches used by instructors should focus on exposing students to an enabling environment where they can balance their expectations with the new information being offered in the classroom context (Blake & Blake, 2019). In our interactions with the instructor, I learned various aspects that defined my focus on therapeutic communication. I am now able to observe a patient and identify specific elements affecting them. Likewise, I am aware of the techniques under the concept that medical practitioners should use to administer treatment options to the patients. Dealing with different outcomes in a healthcare facility challenges the scope of professionals by allowing them to discover their potential and handle problems that interfere with their focus towards resolving the immediate issue (Campbell, Aredes, & Dhari, 2017). The learning experience ensured that I acquired critical information that allowed me to become a better professional.

Critical Analysis

By using the Gibbs Reflective Cycle, I now know the importance of encouraging the patient to describe the event that happened and how they felt where they experienced the first shudder of pain. Through my evaluation, I always encourage the patient to reveal what they thought at first to identify whether the problem is a new incident or a recurring one. Following this process eliminates any conflicts that can affect the nature of interactions between a medical practitioner and a patient (Abdolrahimi, Ghiyasvandian, Zakerimoghadam, & Ebadi, 2017). From their responses, I can conclude the cause of the pain or illness and develop an action plan that can be used to control the issue affecting the patient.

After interacting with my peers, I discovered that their experiences were similar to mine because of our limited focus towards understanding certain aspects that can be used to administer treatment to the patients. By exploring the various approaches that should be implemented in a healthcare facility, there is a need to identify measures that expose the professionals to a conducive environment where they can resolve their issues (Anand & Dhanalakshmi, 2017). Considering the input of individuals and their ability to address specific outcomes that enhance the quality of life, the experience acquired from the learning sessions has enabled me to become a better individual. Realizing the imminent dangers that lie in the corporate world require instructors to discover the potential of students and demonstrate the opportunities that can be explored to overcome these issues.


Healthcare practitioners should understand the various aspects that affect the ability of individuals to overcome medical problems affecting them in their immediate environment. In our interactive learning sessions, we obtained critical information that enables individuals to discover the approaches that should be used to mitigate challenges affecting patients’ wellbeing. Regarding the need to prepare students to conquer challenges in the learning environment, identifying problems that emerge in the corporate world is a perfect opportunity to develop a culture of responsibility among young people.

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