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Countering Terrorism in Europe | Do My Paper

Terrorism creates an actual hazard to the democratic system and the gratification of citizens’ civil rights. As a result, it must be counteracted through deterrence and conquest by the member nations in various organs. Three international administrations in Europe are engaged in fighting extremism, which creates part of the general worldwide basis for the war against terrorism. The organs comprise of Council of Europe, the European Union, and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe.

While the vital obligation for fighting crime and guaranteeing safety lies with member states, recent years’ extremist assaults have illustrated that security is similarly a shared obligation. The EU facilitates the safety of its inhabitants by helping the member states. In 2019, the Council approved two rules creating an agenda for interoperability between EU information systems that aid in managing boundaries, security, and immigration (Shor & Hoadley, 2019). The international community is devoted to embracing mechanisms that ensure civil liberties as the essential foundation in the war against extremism. This is achieved by implementing the United Nations Global Counter-Terrorism Policy by the General Assembly in its declaration 60/288.

However, the mechanisms embraced by various states to respond to terrorism have themselves repeatedly presented serious tests to freedoms and the rule of law. Most institutions have engaged in torment and other maltreatment to fight radicalism. The lawful and practical precautions accessible to prevent torture, for instance, regular and sovereign observations of incarceration centers, have frequently been overlooked. Regard for human privileges and the law should be the foundation of the worldwide war against extremism (Bigo et al., 2015). This necessitates the growth of national counter-terrorism strategies that aim to avert extremist acts, indict those liable for such criminal deeds, and uphold and safeguard privileges and the rule of law.

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