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Counter-Terrorism Essay | Homework Writers Online

Terrorism has been a menace which has been experienced since the decades till the modern day society. It has dismantled peace among citizens and also threatened their civil and human rights. As a result of its hazardous nature to humans, governments and international organisations have waged a fight over terrorism to safeguard the human rights. Saudi Arabia is a Muslim country which has also been facing terrorism. They have come up with a body known as the Organization of Islamic cooperation which airs the complains and problems of the Muslims. This corporation has helped foster good relations in the Islamic community thus safe guarding their peoples’ rights. Kayaoglu (2015) asserts that the Organisation of Islamic cooperation plans to increase its visibility and influence among its members.

In the fight against terrorism, suspected terrorists are also entitled to full protection of human rights.   According to Shor& Hoadley (2019), counter terrorism being an urgent matter, some legislative acts used to deal with counter terrorism have negative consequences on civil and human rights However, this humanitarian law does not apply in all circumstances. Israel has a different way to counter terrorism. During wars with terrorists, Israel uses the combatant privilege which allows them to kill criminals and terrorists in an intense fight. To some extent, this method seems more efficient in dealing with counter terrorism although it diminishes human rights of the victims.

In conclusion, terrorism being an urgent matter, it must be counteracted through subjugation and dissuasion by various organs in our nations.  However, some plans formulated by the government and international bodies do not respect the civil and human rights of citizens. This necessitates the urge to create counter terrorism measures that safe guard the civil and human laws.

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