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Cost Allocation Methods Essay | Leading Homework Helpers

  • Industries experience a profound problem in allocation of costs for joint products.
    • Cost allocation is critical to ascertain profits generation for the company.
    • Also, applied for balancing of the production and revenue generation.
  • The costs calculation and allocation among the main products and joint products, also, can include by-products experience profound difficulties (Deevski, p.64).
    • The confusion on the costs i.e., joint and total costs on the inseparable and separable capacities of the respective costs allocations and calculations.
    • This involves the context of allocating costs on the basis of appropriate parameters.
    • As a result, the complexities of shared costs can be eliminated and achieve an effective approach.
    • Thus, provide informative approach to differentiating costs allocation and calculations to different products in the company.
  • In itself the joint costs comprise of the cost incurred in the production process which is utilized to produce a variety of products simultaneously.
    • This applies the same raw materials but produces different products impacting on the respective product costing.
    • The joint costs impact on the costs per unit of the specific product.
  • The article asserts that the joint costs cease at the instance where split-off point occurs.
    • This entails the instance where each product becomes completely identifiable.
    • The costing at this point is characterize by the demand and quality of the respective products (p.65).
    • For example, in a flour industry – the production of flour consumed by humans and for animal feeds attracts separate costs following the complete identifiableness of the productive separately.
    • Thus, induce the separable costs.
  • The factors that influence the joint costs for joint products was effectively outlined in the article. This was illuminating and a key point to note.
    • The insurance-settlement and damage claims incurred on the jointly produced products.
    • The price regulation of one or more product or service in the joint-production.
    • The cost of reimbursement of the companies affected by a few but not all of the joint products.
    • Inventorial costs and internal reporting costs for respective products in the joint production (p.65).
    • Inventorial costs and cost of the goods sold affect the joint costs.
  • The quantity of the separable products affects the joint costs.
    • This impacts on the by-products leading to the cost allocation depending on the quantity and quality.
    • The by-products experience a separable cost with which the additional costs incurred determine the cost of the product (p.68).
    • The cost allocation of the by-products must surpass the joint costs to ascertain profits generation for the manufacturer.


Homework B: How Crayon is Made (Royce, p.20).

Figure 1: Making of Crayon (Source: Author).

Figure 2: Summary of Crayon Making (Source: How Products Are Made)

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