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Corrections-Based Human Services | Research Paper Sample

Evidence-Based Practices and Emerging Trends in Corrections-Based Human Services

The human services provided by individuals and correctional systems have evolved to ascertain the provision of integral care to inmates and guarantee the process of rehabilitation. Careers in correctional centers require commitment and profound dedication for the individuals to ensure they help inmates rehabilitate in the process of molding them to better citizens. Matz, Wicklund, Douglas and May (2012) posit that human services play a critical role in the improvement of information exchange in correctional systems. The human services collaborate with personnel in correctional facilities to ensure inmates at potential health risks are adequately and proactively attended to ensure they safety.

Adams (1999) notes that the correctional systems has undergone numerous evolutions to enhance public safety and reduce the cost of incarceration. This is as a result of the rapid growth in prison populations requiring competent and hiring trained staff. The careers development is in line with providing highly integrated services in the facilities. Health care risks, inmates’ safety, sharing of health information, funding of the facilities, and privatization are among the top emerging trends that demand extensive measures (Gordon & Price, 2015). The escalation of cases such as severe emotional problems and chronic diseases require highly sophisticated human services. This posits the need for competent staff in the correctional systems.

Furthermore, a collaborative approach to providing critical human services in correctional systems has proved to be integral to the safety of the community. According to Ashcroft (2016) to protect the community, inmates, and the staff, adequate measures are critical to remove them from the harm’s way. Correctional facilities provide clear procedures in which inmates should be attended to ensure maximum safety for all involved parties. These practices can prove to be valuable in my career pursuit as a victim advocate as I would aspire to ensure due processes are followed and duly implemented. Thus, ascertain maximum safety for inmates, staff, and the affected community.

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