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Correctional Facilities

Prison verdicts are considered as sanctions that hold individuals liable for their deeds and, therefore, safeguard the community. Jail verdicts are known to curtail certain rights, for instance, freedom of movement, an inevitable consequence of the jail terms. Nonetheless, individuals also retain fundamental rights and freedoms. Any criminal justice framework ought not to subject prisoners to poor jail states as extra castigation. The paper seeks to address the challenges convicts encounter and ways of addressing them.

Most Pressing Problem and Solution

The deplorable state of inmateโ€™s living conditions is the most pressing issue. It majorly involves overcrowding and an unclean state. Being the warden, it is essential to tackle this challenge as overcrowding is likely to result in adversative impacts on inmates’ health. Overcrowded prisons have access to limited resources that would facilitate academic, employment, and vocational training. Moreover, rehabilitative and self-enhancement programs are curtailed. The constraint of facilities may also be applicable in other segments such as leisure amenities and washroom accessibility, leading to diseases attributed to unsanitary states.ย ย  As a result, being a warden, it is essential to institute a viable plan to tackle inmate overcrowding, increasing aggression, and competition for resources amongst inmates. The initial plan involves petitioning leaders within the criminal justice department to develop more prisons. Second, to reduce the recidivism rate, all inmates would be engaged in education programs to facilitate entry into the job market and urge the administration to offer incentives to proprietors that engage ex-prisoners.

Expectations That Would Be Shared With the Inmates and the Guards about the Plan

Notably, I have numerous anticipations that I would share with the prisoners and security regarding my plans. I will notify them of my presumed collaboration from everyone to make the jail a better place while offering correctional services to the convicts. Foremost, good relations are expected amongst the guards and inmates as it would eventually guarantee the effective running of the correctional facility. Second, I would endorse the discharge of guards found to have dishonored the regulation during the handling of convicts.

Measuring the Effectiveness of the Plan

To determine the plan’s effectiveness upon implementation, I would assess the number of prisoners in relation to the number of facilities and amount of space available. The fundamental objective involves checking if the overcrowding challenge has been solved. Furthermore, I would assess the abuse cases if a reduction has been recorded or wholly eradicated. Eventually, I believe I would have accomplished the objective of offering a suitable environment to facilitate the decrement of prisoner litigation attributed to the violation of the rights.

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