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Corporate Crime and Society Policing | Criminology Homework Help

Corporate abuse of power entails the act of corporate institutions violating the rights of individuals or other institutions. Arguably, corporates may use their abilities in unlawful ways to acquire property or maximize profits for their own favor. Corporate fraud involves illegal methods of a corporate institution to maximize profit or reduce losses. Such fraudulent practices include evasion of taxes, and failure to pay for government levies and permits. Corporate exploitation involves methods of an institution taking advantage of its employees or partners to maximize their profits through illegal practices. All of these practices by corporates aim at maximizing profit or attaining favor in market positions to remain as the dominant institutions in businesses (David & Friedrichs 102).

Resulting from corporate crime, the poor and the average class people are the most vulnerable segments in the society. They bear the most massive burden as a result of high living standards. The burden results from tax evasion by the corporates, and illegal acquisition of property, thus rendering the poor helpless. Another vulnerable society segment is the youth since they have no power to make a decision (David & Friedrichs 121). They end up jobless due to corporate crime. Corporate exploitation targets these vulnerable segments that are desperate for financial freedom.

Corporate abuse of power is a crime with more significant concern due to the exploitation of the helpless people in society. Corporate institutions tend to underpay the low-class workers, yet they overwork daily. The administrative units of these institutions do not consider the hardships that these vulnerable society segments face. They exploit employees based on selfish motives that aim at acquiring more without paying for the exact value. Such cases occur as a result of corrupt corporate administrations. In the recent past, corporate crime has impacted ton environmental crimes which have significantly affected the policing system.

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Police officers are law observers that respect human rights in the course of their duties to serve humanity by maintaining law and order. However, in the recent past, policing has exhibited very different characters from the ones perceived by the public. Policing is the leading cause of differences and hatred between law enforcers and the public. Policing has provided service to the public through dictatorship and disrespect for human rights. Since the mid-1980s, there has been an evolution in policing eras. These policing eras include the political era, reform era, and currently the community era (Miller, Linda, Kären, and Christine 119-137). During the political policing era, police were appointed by political leaders to support their political bids in suppressing riots and opposers. During the reform era, police exhibited responsibility by responding to issues of security bleach using technological methods. The community era began when police got more involved in community affairs to curb criminal activities and interact with communities more closely.

There is a need to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the first political policing era, and the community era, to understand the broad perception of changes within policing. The community policing era portrays particular strengths, such as a close relationship between the police and the community members (Contreras, Steven, and Ann 103-136). This closeness has been instrumental in solving neighborhood problems and combating crime. The era has also helped members of the public to have enough trust toward the police. On the other hand, the police have been able to understand the community members, as well as their needs.

The political policing era exhibited police brutality and dictatorship. The reason for these qualities was because the police activities reflected orders from the politicians who expressed selfish motives to maintain power. During this era, policing was marked with corruption since officers used to correct bribes from businesses as a routine. Public pleas were never listened to by the police since only the powerful and the wealthy used to dictate social well-being; therefore, policing focused on pleasing politicians (Contreras, Steven and Ann 103-136). However, the greatest achievement of the policing era was reducing the political complications that were dominant for years.

Community policing has helped reduce the fear of police that once existed within members of the public (Emsley 237). On the contrary, community policing has displayed a wide range of weaknesses too. Some police officers tend to use their authority in manipulating citizens to satisfy their desires. In other cases, corrupt police officers tend to collaborate with criminals for them to get paid to pave the way for crime. Consequently, community policing has raised several concerns due to continuous clashes between the police and members of the public that generally arise from a minor misunderstanding. The police have also, at times, applied brutality when dealing with suspects, thus creating tension within the society.

In the current era of administration, several issues are facing policing, such as lack of adequate funding and police shortage. Focusing on inadequate funding, policing has been neglected by the government when finances are required. Police officers are exposed to huge risks daily, yet they lack proper financial motivations to help them dispense their services in the required manner. At times, police departments lack adequate funds to provide officers with the necessary gear and weapons for the protection of humankind (Miller, Linda, Kären, and Christine 119-137). During service, these officers risk their lives at the expense of saving humanity. Secondly, the issue of police shortage is a typical problem in many regions. Due to this issue, many police officers lose their lives when pursuing criminals since they get outnumbered. Police shortage also remains a significant security challenge since it becomes difficult to curb crime within the society, as the ratio of police to citizens is very high.

According to the current and past trends in policing, there is an optimistic view of law enforcement in the next five years. There is a rise in police oversight bodies that will ensure transparency and accountability in policing (Emsley 240). For this reason, there will be a reduced crisis and disintegration of the policing institutions. There will be the development of partnerships between the police and community, to create awareness against crime, and curb criminal activities through collaboration of police and the community (Contreras, Steven and Ann 103-136). However, due to the speedy technological advancements, policing is most likely to face technical challenges due to the modernization of weapons. Most officers might have difficulties adapting to modernized ways of law enforcement. Policing is expected to face another problem, which is continued finance cuts towards the sector by the government due to increasingly high living standards. Thus, having difficulties in combating crime.

Finally, in the bid to ensure success in policing, there is a crucial need for the public to cooperate with police to warrant a complete end to crime. Police need to get views and clues from the people that can enlighten them on how to deal with and approach crime in specific areas. Members of the public are also reliable sources of information regarding any planned crimes and details of criminals (Emsley 243). This cooperation is essential since members of the public will also learn that security, law, and order are elements meant to protect them. Therefore, there is a need for them to voluntarily help the police by reporting and monitoring any suspicious acts or plans of malice. With such cooperation, police will have no difficulties in facing and overcoming the challenges they face daily.

There is a need to know the state of community politics since the police need to coordinate with politicians to ensure a peaceful environment for all citizens. There should be proper communication to make sure sober decisions are made and do not negatively impact to the community. If the police often liaise with the politicians and other people in elected positions, they will know the background of the community well and will know how to curb criminals that break the law. Coordination at all times would be of great importance. On the contrary, it would not be wise to always involve the elected persons in all police decisions since not all politicians have good motives. One could be driven by personal desires to manipulate police operations in their favor. The police departments should always make censured decisions before involving politicians and political entities.

Besides the political stand of community members, there should be a reason to ensure there is justice when the police are administering law and order. Failure to understand each other is what brings violence between the members of the public and the police. The police culture should rhyme with the culture of the society to ensure there is peace (Haberfeld). Police culture is what the police believe in as administrators, and it dramatically impacts on how they administer law and order. The police need to do what is right at all times and consider the views and interests of the public. The police at all times have to protect the interests of the public while maintaining law and order. Every citizen has the right to be protected and served with integrity.

Without political support, a police department can still be successful if only the officers listen to views of the public and merge themselves with the culture of the citizens. Any police department can have support from the citizens if it actively involves the public in public participation on matters regarding culture, security, and law and order (Brown). The police department depends on political support mainly to ensure the proper distribution of resources within the police department. Even without political support, the police service should keep on its number one mandate which serving the public by maintaining law and order, while preventing crime. The success of any police department without political support lies in support of the people.

The police forces should ensure there is no violence between the corporate officers and the citizens. Hence, creating a better picture of the entire society about the police. The police bosses and the politicians should create task forces often to ensure there are corporation and coordination in law enforcement and politics. With an active and transparent police service and political stability, there could be no violence among the citizens. Since politics and the law enforcement bodies are dependent on each other, there should be regular coordination and supervision of activities between the police department and the political organizations. Political support should be sought by approaching political entities with clear proposals of the projects in which the police require assistance.

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