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Core Value performance Task | Reflection Paper Help

My top 5 personal values

After a major self-reflection about myself and what I believe in, my top five personal values are below. They include:

  1. Family
  2. Open-Mindedness
  3. Caring
  4. Time
  5. Mindfulness

Why is Each value important to me?

            Family is one of my most important personal values. This is since I am constantly grateful for the gift of having my family, who I love and appreciate a lot. I am keen to ensure that I love and protect my family at any given time since this is a part of my life that has been there for me entirely and will always be there in both good and bad times. Open-mindedness is another value that is essential to me. This is since it entails welcoming new ideas, arguments, and information that I typically do not align with. This is a positive character quality that enables me

to think critically and rationally. As much as it is not easy and requires a lot of concentration, it is one of the values that makes it easy to learn new ideas and meet diverse people who have different reasoning and ideologies.

Caring is the third personal value that I treasure a lot. Many people in the world are going through rough times and will need someone to care for them. Hence, I ensure to be a caring person to all without discriminating or sidelining anyone since this will help the world become a better place. Time is an essential factor in every day-to-day life. Any time wasted cannot be recovered. I hence greatly treasure the time aspect of my life and ensure to perform to my level best to ensure that I do not waste my precious time on things that do not matter. To me, management greatly helps me to build motivation and a purpose and also significantly sharpens deadlines.

Finally, being mindful is a great personal value, which entails checking in with myself and constantly asking about what is important to me. Through mindfulness, I can check my mental wellness and ensure to have a positive attitude towards life. It makes me more aware of myself and guarantees not to have any destructive thoughts that could harm my overall well-being. It also dramatically helps me not to jump to conclusions, where I focus more on solutions than on my problems and ensure that I don’t miss important things.

Compare and contrast your values with the core values.

The core values include Integrity First, Service Before Self, and Excellence in All We Do. The difference between my personal values and the core values is that the core values are the essential values central to who I am as a person. Choosing to love my family relates to all the core values since this aligns with integrity, offering service before oneself, and also ensures excellence.  Being open-minded means that I will be a person of integrity and work in excellence in whatever actions I perform.  Time management is my value, which relates to integrity and excellence since this is a discipline needed to stand out. For mindful and caring values, they relate to the core values. This is an act of ensuring to perform exemplary when providing services before considering self-integrity and is also proof of excellence. 

Plan to align my values to my core values 

To align my personal values to my core values will first involve a clear understanding of my values. This is followed by working hard towards ensuring that in whatever I do, I ensure that all the values are integrated wit the core values and are in line with my beliefs, principles and ideologies. I will need to constantly ask myself what I value most in my life and combine it with my great personality to ensure that I lead a better and more satisfying life.


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