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Convincing Technology Decision Makers Essay | College Homework Help

Business Problem and Solution

A business obstacle is an issue that arises in many businesses that hamper the accomplishment of a company’s aims. Finances, client connections, time, and the process of improvement are all examples of issues. Best Buy’s issue is communication with consumers and improving the process. To address this problem, an IT solution may be created. That answer is a Customer-Relationship Management (CRM) tool, which may help to enhance customer communication and the process. Software may be used to achieve corporate objectives. Many organizations have been introduced to enable workers to work remotely from home, reducing staff turnover and increasing satisfaction.

IT Solution

Having a more automated procedure and online system is one of the enhancements applied in the Best Buy CRM system. The consumer will be able to submit an enquiry online with their name, contact details, device name, and evaluation of the problem, and the company will respond with a time and date for the client to drop off the item. Once the data is sent to Geek Squad, the client should get an automated response indicating that the repair enquiry has been received. Once the item has been received, send another automated message stating it has been obtained and fixed within a specific time limit. Once the device has been set, an automatic message is sent to the client describing the problem and repair. A last automated message indicating that the gadget is ready for pickup should be issued. Once the gadget has been picked up, the last automated notice should state, “Your device has been fixed and picked up; thank you for utilizing our service.” The updates may be sent through email, automatic text message, or voice call. Notifying the consumer when components are changed, or new software/hardware is put on the device is another step that may be improved.

Business and Consumer Needs

This concept is also in line with modern business requirements. The unofficial business plan of Bust Buys is to provide clients with information and the most significant pricing for their consumer electronics demands. The consumer will no longer need to contact the shop to find out how far along the repair process is, and they will feel more secure knowing that their gadget is being handled. This basic design has the potential to boost customer happiness significantly. Moreover, Best Buy prioritizes customer pleasure. The concept is to serve their consumers as though they were family.


To get anything like this off the ground, multiple stakeholders from the IT and business communities would need to meet to ensure that the proposed solution fits their requirements. First, a session with the business stakeholders, especially the store and regional general managers, would be planned. The objective of this meeting is to assess the plan and ensure that it fulfils the business goals and aspirations of the organization. If that meeting goes well, the next session will be with IT, stakeholders. A meeting between the district project manager and the head of the senior regional manager for IT stakeholders would be convened to evaluate the software architecture and what could be done to execute the recommended alternative. Afterwards, the proposal will be submitted for formal assessment.

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