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Contemporary Wicked Problems | Homework Help

Contemporary Wicked Problems Including Global Examples

A wicked problem is a difficult-to-explain social or cultural problem or concern that is principally impossible to resolve. These are the upheavals for people seeking alternatives, but they are not easily obtainable. Some examples include education design, economic meltdown, health care, hunger, revenue unfairness, obesity, poverty, terrorist acts, and sustainable development. Entrepreneurs have several opportunities when it comes to wicked problems. This is attributed to the fact that they will face less competition in the industry and that a strong market will wait for their offerings. For instance, Tesla sells electric cars and is the market leader due to the low competition and high demand. Entrepreneurs must look for such variables or characteristics in problems that could arise along the way.

The two contemporary wicked problems, in this case, include poverty. If individuals perceive that economic inequality in the United States varies from poverty in Africa and India, it would be considered correct. It is also a complex problem for decision-makers. The second problem involves pollution and a lack of long-term development. Based on a global aspect, there is a lack of sustainable development, and various forms of pollution are serious problems (Ney & Meinel, 2019). This is a challenging one because it requires considerable effort and constant activity to attain reprieve.

The following are some of the negative consequences: It causes harm to a variety of stakeholders, not easily resolvable, the impact is felt in other areas of society, affects the social system because of differences in culture, and is constantly changing, making it more challenging to devise a solution. Companies such as Amazon, Google, Wal-Mart, TATA, and others are now assisting society and its interested parties in successfully resolving problematic situations. Many non–profit organizations are also making major contributions in this particular respect.

To deal with these complex problems, young entrepreneurs must start a campaign at the societal level. Governmental agencies must aid new start-ups in this direction to generate a novel framework (Hull, Robertson & Mortimer, 2020). Top-tier companies worldwide should create a voluntary fund under the supervision of member nations to take the power of any continually rising problems such as cyber warfare, poverty, and others.  Education and awareness regarding heinous issues must start. New entrepreneurs should help improve it.

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