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Contemporary Nursing Practice | Best Homework Help

Nursing has focused on caring-based practices where the process of treatment and diagnosis and quality care to solve the patient’s needs. This paper will focus on nursing evolution, the changes in the scope of practices and practice competencies between the associate and Baccalaureate nurses. The nursing paper will also focus on the importance of academic preparedness in nursing, evidence-based practices, and interdisciplinary teams’ effectiveness in delivering positive patient outcomes.

Evolution of Nursing and Changes in the Scope of Practice

The nursing profession has changed drastically in the last three decades in terms of nursing practice, patient care, and training. Nurses have focused on more training and better patient through technologies and innovation. The primary role of nurses in the early days was to help ill patients to become better. However, the role of nursing has improved, with much of nursing being centered on supporting individuals as well as preventing them from becoming unwell (Cherry and Jacob, 2016). Through nursing education, nurses have played a great role in enabling individuals to take responsibility for their well-being and families. Additionally, nurses’ role has reflected healthcare priorities since they have become a more diverse, varied and empowered profession where they can now handle complex cases that could only be handled by physicians and other healthcare experts in the early days of nursing (Cherry and Jacob, 2016). Additionally, in the past, the nurses were expected to follow the doctor’s instructions without question. However, they have now been integrated into the interdisciplinary team to bring their capabilities into clinical decision-making.

Differentiated Practice Competencies Between an Associate and Baccalaureate Education in Nursing.

Both baccalaureate and associate education in nursing get nurses ready to offer excellent patient care that meets a nurse’s generally accepted standards. Both associate and baccalaureate nursing education teaches the nurses competencies in the clinical practice. However, BSN nurse education offers better training and ensures that they are ready to handle more care jobs. The baccalaureate nursing education’s main focus is to improve their scope of practice and enhance their professional development (Ghaffari, 2017). The nursing associate is simple as compared to the baccalaureate. The associate nursing teaches the registered nurses to support and monitor the patient and evaluate their symptoms. The associates are mostly training on clinical nursing skills. The BSN nurses are highly qualified and trained to meet the patient’s needs and deliver effective and safe patient care (Ghaffari, 2017). The baccalaureate nurses conduct complex functions, which entails medical procedures through the doctor’s direction. For instance, the BSN competencies will facilitate better patient outcomes since they have a deeper understanding of the patient history and can make better and fast care decisions with few errors that help guide the patient.

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BSN‐Prepared Nurse and the ADN Nurse.

Considerably, both ADN and BSN can function and practice different nursing care procedures through their clinical skills. One of the patient care situations is a complex care situation. A complex care situation such as Parkinson’s or neurological conditions demands complex disease-related care. Considerably, the more training a nurse is given, the more their ability to handle complex care situations. For instance, BSN nurses are considered essential in complex care situations compared to ADN since they are associated with better patient outcomes. An ADN nurse in complex care situations is not able to engage in patient care and progress successfully without engaging the decisions and directions of a physician (Ghaffari, 2017). They highly rely on the assistance of physicians. BSN nurses are generally viewed as better prepared for complex care situations due to their competencies which facilitate action plans, quality improvement and outcome measures. However, this doesn’t mean that the AND nurses cannot handle complex care situations; it means that BSN nurses are in a better position since they hold more information and competencies due to training, making the differences in complex care situations.

Evidence-Based Practice and Academic Preparedness

Evidence-based practice is essential way nurses rely on while making decisions regarding patient care based on recent research. EBP in nursing has offered nurses scientific research to offer effective decisions. This is also considered a problem-solving approach to clinical practices that enable nurses to offer individualized patient care (Cherry and Jacob, 2016). Considerably, the implementation of EBP in nursing has enabled the ADN and BSN nurses with scientific research to establish well-informed care decisions. Relatively, EBP has enabled the nurses to remain updated with the new medical protocols about patient care. By examining and searching different intervention documents suitable for the situation of the patients, the nurses have increased their competencies, quality of care, and chances for recovery.

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Nursing education has played a major role in increased the preparedness of nurses in their nursing role. BSN and ADN nurses are well prepared for patient care when it comes to knowledge and skills. For instance, they have been trained on applying critical thinking during emergency responses to prevent complications. Nursing education prepares them on various aspects of patient care and health management, which play a crucial role in their care plan and patient outcomes (Dyson, 2018).

Interdisciplinary Teams

Interdisciplinary teams have offered registered nurses the opportunity to advocate for nurses and serve as leaders in the interdisciplinary team, greatly improving patient care. (Humbles, McNeal and Paul-Richiez, 2017). Interdisciplinary teams have led to a context of care in which all the healthcare team members integrate and collaborate in patient care planning, which has improved positive outcomes. When the teams coordinate the patient care, they tend to lower the patent’s stress levels and positively influence the outcomes. Ideally, the interdisciplinary teams have a common goal: to offer optimal and safe patient care with successful outcomes through collaboration and communication.


In summation, it is evident that the nursing practice has changed over the years with the introduction of training and the development of skills to boost patient care. ADN and BSN nursing education have played a great role in improving nursing practice since they have offered education and training that greatly improves the nurse standards of care. The level of competition between the ADN and BSN nurses varies in terms of knowledge and skills since BSN nurses get a broad range of nursing aspects. Over the years, EBP has boosted nurses’ knowledge through scientific research that has increased their competencies. Interdisciplinary teams have boosted communication and collaboration, which is effective in achieving the goals of patient care.

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