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Construction Safety Essay | Best Homework Help Online

From the case provided, and as a safety manager coming across such a situation, I would highly discourage the actions and responses taken by the workers. The primary hazard that I instantly recognize from the incident is the removal of the guard. The guard was the only safety feature that would prevent the worker from his point of work. The guard is critical in that it protects them from hazardous flying fragments, saw teeth, and other foreign objects as it serves to defect the sawdust away from the operator. Removing the guard increases the chances of being exposed to harmful materials, and this could, most likely, result in an accident (Jazayeri & Dadi, 2017). Arguably, the operator is at risk as a result of failure to be compliant with measures that are meant to protect him from such hazards.

As a way of alleviating this hazard, I would immediately point out the danger and provide appropriate recommendations. It is vital to enlighten the worker on the significance of the machine guard. Additionally, I would explain to him the need for maintaining the guard in the right conditions, which would help in ensuring that he efficiently operates the machines without being exposed to such risks. In case the machine requires repair, I would direct him on the most appropriate way of addressing such an issue and ensure that the most suitable measure is put in place. This is vital since the critical aim is to increase safety by mitigating possible risks (Martinez-Aires, Lopez-Alonso, & Martinez-Rojas, 2018). In case the guard has malfunctioned, I would also advise the operator to look for an expert who can appropriately fix it. I would also direct the foreman on the proper steps that should be undertaken to increase the level of safety. This includes requesting proper tools for the job and explaining the situation. It is also essential to notify the supervisor about the potential hazards that were in the workplace as a way of averting any potential risks.

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