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Conflict Management Plan | Homework Help Online

Conflicts are inevitable, even in most cohesive workplaces and environments. Regardless of the source of the conflict, there is a need to have a conflict resolution program. This is since if a conflict is left unresolved, it can result in the loss of morale and productivity.

If one of the members in a team is not productive enough, there is a need to first ensure that everyone in the team understands the need for collaboration. It will also be important for all to recognize that there will always be a different type of conflict brought up by egos, office politics, or just personal values  (Llopis, 2014).  There will therefore be a need to have an honest and open approach, as a way of solving this specific type of conflict. For the non-cooperating members, there will be a need to have a sober discussion, where a leader can brief him/her on his behaviors and explain to him why they are affecting the performance of the team (Holland, 2020).  There will be a need to listen to his/her side of the story and identify areas that the rest of the team can help him/her improve as a way of making the team achieve its set goals and objectives effectively.

If a team member decides to drop a class, there would be a need to approach him/her to understand the reasons behind such an action. It would also be important to understand if his/her decision was a result of a team member or a certain reason caused by the team. By listening to the side of the story, then the team will let him/her make the final decision since this would be a personal choice.  Finally, if a team member had an emergency that would not allow him/ her to participate, it would be important to scrutinize the type of emergency. Then the team would decide on the right cause of action. Letting him/her go, would then mean that each person in the team would have to fill the gap left to ensure that the set goals are ultimately attained.

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