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Conflict between the Europeans and the Native Americans

Was the conflict between the Europeans and the Native Americans inevitable?

The conflict between the Native Americans and the Europeans was inevitable, and it was bound to occur. According to Riddervold & Newsome (2018), the conflict could not be avoided following the fact that when the Europeans got into Americans, their main aim focused on claiming the lands that were already occupied by the Native Americans. Naturally, the natural response for the Native Americans would be to fight and defend their territories. The Native Americans’ attempt to protect their territory would consequently result in the conflict with both sides attempting to control the territories.

Among the significant factors associated with the arrival of the Europeans into America was the introduction of Christianity.  Introducing Christianity and converting Native Americans to being Christians is a factor that would undoubtedly lead to conflicts. The arrival of the Europeans is considered as a source of cultural class. Both sides considered their beliefs as ultimate and useful in guiding their livelihoods. The inability to effectively reconcile the Christianity culture brought about by the Europeans and the Americans’ traditional culture consequently led to the generation of conflicts as both sides attempted to protect the superiority of their cultures (Koch et al., 2019).

When the Europeans got to America, the European societies had undergone a significant transformation, with the European settlements changing dramatically around the 1930s (Lightfoot, 2015). At this time, the Europeans were caught up in supremacy battles among themselves. The Native Americans got involved in the battles as the various European powers attempted to generate increased support. The result was that the civilization of the Native Americans was significantly affected. The Native Americans were consequently forced to fight the Europeans in an attempt to keep their civilization.

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