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Condom Dispensers in Camden County College

AIDS pandemic has caused havoc in the last few decades as it continues to affect individuals and countries worldwide negatively. To reduce the spread of AIDS, high schools and higher institutions are making condoms more accessible to students. Camden County College has, in particular, installed condom dispensers in all restrooms on campus. The decision to install a condom vending machine has been met with great controversy regarding promiscuity. However, installing condom dispensers is a practical solution to curb the spread of AIDS. Research has shown that most college students are sexually active; thus are at a greater risk of contracting the disease. The essay thesis states, installation of condom dispensers in the county college is a good move by the school in encouraging safe sex and mitigating risks of contracting sexual diseases and unwanted pregnancies.

The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention encourages condoms usage as a critical sexual health prevention strategy. The easy accessibility of condoms helps students who are too ashamed to buy condoms from public places, thus ensuring they take precautions against unsafe sex (Casola, Pamela, and Resa, 9). In 2018, young adults aged 13 to 24 made up 21% of the total AIDS infections signifying a worrying trend regarding the practice of safe sex. College students tend to be sexually adventurous; thus, condom dispensers will protect them from sexually transmitted infections, creating a safe sex attitude amongst the students.

Unplanned pregnancies are a significant cause of the increasing dropout rates in colleges. Condom dispensers will promote safe sex among the students where the long-term effect is the reduction of girls’ dropout rates. Unplanned pregnancies account for 7% of all college dropouts, with a staggering figure of one in 10 girls dropping out in community colleges. Many sexually active students with no stable income source and lack knowledge of alternative birth control methods find condoms as a cheaper option; thus, the dispensers will be crucial in protecting vulnerable students from unintended pregnancy (Scull, 310). Most students are familiar with condoms usage; thus, condom use promotion will be highly effective in curbing unsafe sex, ultimately mitigating the risk of unplanned pregnancies.

The decision to install condom dispensers is also financially viable to the college. The initial cost of installing the dispensers will be huge, but the college will benefit in the long-term. The college will buy the condoms in bulk at discounts and charge lower prices than the market price to increase sales and profit margins. The students would still buy condoms from external sources; thus, the installation benefits all parties involved. The students will access the condoms at a lower price, ensuring they practice safe sex, and the college will boost their finances. The funds can be used to expand sex education in the college to improve such programs’ quality.

The opposing views backed by religious reasons and conservative views are not substantial to discard the decision. The conservative individuals are opposed to the move projecting an increase in promiscuity among the college students. The conservative parents would instead support an abstinence campaign as a preventive measure since they view condoms as creating a sexually permissive environment. However, abstinence campaigns are ineffective in sexually active students, warranting condom dispensers’ installation as the best alternative in creating a safe sex environment on campus. The installation of condoms is a proactive measure in ensuring the students protect their health concerns through embracing safe sex.



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