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Concert Analysis Sample Essay


Muse, an English rock band, founded in 1994, has grown over the years to become an inspiration to many individuals because of its mastery of music and other aspects that appeal to enthusiasts. The band comprises of Matt Bellamy, Dominic Howard, and Chris Wolstenholme. During its performance at The O2 Arena on the 14th and 15th of September, 2019, the rock band entertained tens of thousands of eclectic fans who had turned up to connect with their musical presentation. Given the length of the event, few entertainment corporations have released the outcomes, although in bits to retain the experience of attending a live performance. However, BTec DonHoward, a YouTube user, released a full Multicam footage obtained from the other thirty users who participated in the show.

Part One

Objective Description of Pressure by the Muse Band

Matt Bellamy handled the lead vocals in Pressure while playing his guitar, which resonated with the input from Dominic Howard and Chris Wolstenholme, who were in charge of drums and bass guitar, respectively. The sound harmony and melody from the song resonated with the fan’s desire to connect with the Muse. Rock music is defined by the guitar and vocals, which distinguish it from other musical genres (Danielsen and Inger 30). Besides, the stage performance contributed towards the successful execution and presentation of Muse’s musical expertise, which had a significant impact on the perspectives of individuals towards the entire show.

Subjective Description of the song

Watching the show now has a convincing effect that encourages the viewer to attend the next Muse concert because of the emotional connection that is described by the overall impact of the musical presentation. In this performance, Bellamy played the guitar while leading the vocals and receiving a background input from Wolstenholme, who aligned the bass guitar with Bellamy’s lead. Bellamy took some time to play the guitar without the vocals, as part of the interlude, an aspect that allowed the crowd to enjoy his eclectic performance. When Bellamy plays the guitar without the vocals, the crowd goes wild because of its connection to the song and entire performance.

Critical Analysis of the Song

Pressure sets off an exciting conversation that triggers individuals to focus beyond their immediate situation. Everyone connects with the song because of its lyrics that depict an individual on the brink of giving in to the pressure of life. Many individuals today experience different situations that act as the defining moments of their life. In this case, during the performance, one gets the opportunity to be free from the worldly pressures that deny individuals from realizing their desired potential. The crowd goes wild, indicating its desire to be free and their ability to relate to the song, an aspect that makes the song appealing.

Part Two

Objective Description of Psycho

Having set off their performance in an electric performance in the first song, Pressure, the Muse band exposed individuals to an enabling environment where they could enjoy the rhythm of the guitar and listen to the beats of the drums. However, it is the vocals from Bellamy that stole the show. During a live performance, artists are expected to re-enact the process of developing the musical concept, an aspect that determines their ability to control the mindset of the crowd. Watching the Muse performance feels better than listening to the song, Psycho, which is a high-octane musical presentation.

Subjective Description of the Performance

As usual, the first performance in a live show determines the approach taken by artists to present their subsequent songs to their audience. Delivering the music in a lively manner exposed the Muse band to an enabling environment where they could control their emotions. Starting with a high performance of the guitar and the drums, allowed the crowd to get ready for Bellamy’s vocals. Listening to people sing along to an artist’s vocals demonstrate the impact of the band on people’s lives and the uptake of the song in the world today.

Critical Analysis of the Song

The original song demonstrates characters who are believed to be in control of specific issues affecting individuals in their immediate environment. While it is impossible to re-enact, the scenes depicted in the music video, singing along to the song’s lyrics and imagining the meaning of the words, create an enabling environment for the band to connect with its audience. The O2 Arena is an ample space that accommodated tens of thousands of excited fans who clapped and sang along to Psycho.

Part Three

Objective Description of Break it to Me

Muse’s cinematic universe is the only aspect that differentiates the brand from other musical groups in the rock genre. Watching the performance is likely to throw viewers off guard because of the band’s ability to simulate the experience contained in their music video. The alternation of the stage lighting and the onset of the drum and guitars before the vocals sets the mood for the performance of the song. The resonation of the drummer and the guitarist prepares the viewers’ minds before exposing them to a certain level of calmness that convinces individuals about the expected outcome.

Subjective Description of the Song

Listening to the band and how each of the artists contributes towards the performance of the song sets the plan of a unique presentation where individuals can connect with the artists. In many instances, performers encounter a series of challenges that define their approaches during their interactions with the crowd (Swarbrick et al. 2682). Managing large audiences and keeping them connected to the music is a difficult task that requires preparedness and mastery of the musical skill. One can easily connect with the performer’s emotions because of the approach taken to introduce the song and introduce the crowd to it through a dynamic presentation.

Critical Analysis of the Song

Unlike other songs that were high-paced, the artists take a different approach to slowing down their performance to create a perfect opportunity where they can bond with the crowd. Listening to Bellamy’s lyrical expertise triggers a certain level of satisfaction, where one can follow his emotions and connect with them by viewing themselves as the artist. Many individuals can attest to the impact of the rising and falling rhythm that creates a perfect opportunity for the artist to solve musical problems for the audience.


The Muse band is a rock musical group that has entertained individuals since its inception in 1994. Its performance at the O2 Arena in London offers individuals a unique opportunity where they can connect with the artists and benefit from their dynamic musical presentation. The live performance depicts a real-time experience where viewers who did not attend the event can have a general feel about what they missed from the show. Performing 28 of their songs, the Muse band featured its members and introduced additional musicians such as Morgan Nicholls, who handled the keyboard synthesizers, backing vocals, and percussion. The postproduction process of the event was handled by BTec DonHoward, who exposed the Multicam footage to editing, mixing, and the addition of special effects.

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