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This is a piece that expounds on marine pollution. The work illustrates how there has been [pollution since the 20th century to date and how the pollution is io affecting the marine system adversely. From 1988, where coca cola can from 1988 was detected in  the marine water  to the metal in 1931 , plastic trash and debris  , the dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico and the plastic liter photo in Myanmar, are photos used to show these negative effects and how they are contributing to the destruction of the marine.  This is a good illustration of how human activity has been affected and polluted by the environment. The combination of the dates that the pollution has been occurring. From work, it is apparent that pollution from plastics has become a huge challenge and menace that ought to be addressed accordingly in order to prevent issues that are related to pollution. #marine life # Sea pollution #whales #human activity

Work 1

This work calls for the protection of whales. Nowadays the whale species are facing challenged as result plastic wastes in the ocean. I will show the painful and sad scenes that one of the whales died due to the plastic wastes in its stomach, by making ‘Collage Art” that I will cut pictures from various sources such as magazine, newspapers and then glue them together on an A3 paper.  The art piece explains why pollution has become a big threat to whales in the ocean.  It shows that there has been a major population in the marine, affecting the marine life which the whales are part of it. The art piece seeks to sensitize on the seriousness of the mater and why more should be done to prevent this pollution.  #p #plasticwaste  #whalesdying #marinelives .

Work 2

This is an art piece which also talks about pollution in marine life.  The work expounds on how the plastic wastes and chemicals that cause marine pollution. Nowadays, there are hazardous wastes that come from factories and industries that do not dispose of them properly. Those wastes pollute water bodies and poison aquatic lives. In order to show this serious issue, I will make a transparent cube by using plastics. Inside the cube, there is laboratory equipment such as wires; needles; chemicals and plastic wastes.  The main reason for making this piece is in order to support the campaign against the pollution of marine life from chemicals and other wastes which have very adverse effects on sea life. The plastic piece wil be a symbolism of how plastics and other related materials are a huge menace to marine life and offer an explanation on why they should be totally banned.  #factorywastes #chemicals #aquaticlives

work 3

All the living organisms could be affected by marine pollution, not only marine mammals. I decided to choose ‘coral’ for my model making. There will be a glass tube at the centre of the model and some red wires to connect the bottom of the glass tube with the coral.  The work calls for the protections of all living organisms lived in the marine ecosystem. This is due to the major cases of pollution that have been reported across the globe, where the human activity tends to result in the destruction of marine life including animals and plants.  The work symbolizes how marine life is gradually getting destructed by human activities, which mostly include pollution from factories, waste materials and plastics, all which are done by human beings. This is a major representation of what is occurring in the 21st century and why there is a need for worry and engages in campaigns against these activities,  which may  end up fully destroying marine life.   #marinemammals #livingorganisms #coral

 work 4

This work entails a sensory map of the marine ecosystem. I got this inspiration from the cover of ‘National Geographic’.  From the cover it is apparent that s:” 18 billion pounds of plastic ends up in the ocean each year. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. ” I will also show all the five senses which mean ” hear; sight; touch; smell and taste. The purpose of making this sensory map is to show terrible conditions which are found under the sea.  These terrible conditions are as a result of the human activity, where there has been immense pollution has , leading to the gradual destruction of the entire sea life, The work is used to sensitize om the need for people to conserve the environment, more so the marine life whose pollution has become massive.  This work serves as a reminder to the humans across the globe of about their adverse effects to marine life. #nationalgeographic #icebergs

work 5

This work will be a plaster model which aims to show a more vivid view of various wastes that cause marine pollution. I will create ‘sea’ textures on the surface of the plaster model. The wastes such as chemicals; industrials; particles; plaster and so on are inserted in the plaster model.  The wastes which are part of the marine life destruction wil be highlighted on the work to sensitize on what the human activities are doing to the marine life through pollution. From work, the need for preserving marine life wil be highlighted and self-explanatory, since the key theme of the work will be marine pollution. Features  in this work represent the various wastes materials which are the  wastes that are rampant in the pollution of the marine life . Through  the appearance of the materils on the plaster  , the viewers will  be able to understand on  what causes  pollution to the sea life  across the world.   #marinepollution #chemicals #industrials #particles #plastics

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