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Components of Personal Computer Essay | Homework Helper Online

The main components I would make use of in assembling my personal computer include:

Computer case:  A machine requires a case to ensure that all the parts are safe and assembled. Heating is one of the threats to a computer so one may use a fan on the anterior side of the computer and an outlet on the posterior surface of the equipment to allow ventilation (Hashim et al., 2013). I would, therefore, utilize the Thermaltake view 71 Tempered Glass ARGB edition full tower chassis to assemble all the components that contain three 140mm 5v ARGB fans with two fans two on the anterior side and at the posterior end to allow aeration.

Motherboard: The primary role of the motherboard is acting as a central hub that each hardware component is attached to and manages all the other parts. I would use the Asus Maximus VIII HERO that contains the LGA1151 socket for the sixth-generation Intel®, CoreTM desktop processors. The motherboard is ideal for gaming as it provides the best gaming experience and best gaming network as a result of its 5-way optimization with auto-tuning and second-generation T-Topology and OC design. It ensures maximum durability, and the ROG offers more gaming-oriented utilities for free.

Central Processing Unit (CPU): The LGA1151 socket for the sixth-generation Intel® core processor serves as the best processor because I am assembling a gaming computer as well as video editing duties. The graphic capabilities of the processor and increasing the processing power make it the best option.

Memory:  The random-access memory I would assemble would be the Team Group Night Hawk RGB (TF2D416G3000HC16CDC01) due to its expansive 16 GB data rate of DDR4-3000(XMP) because of its global life warranty and also supports the RGB LED customization. It can also be synchronized with the ASUS motherboards through the Aura sync.

Hard disk: I would use the WD Blue hard drive due to its high capacity of 1 terabyte, enhanced reliability, and high speed. It contains a 64MB buffering component and has a capability of speeds of up to 7200RPM that ranges from two to six terabytes.

Optical Drive: I would utilize the LG WH14NS40 because it contains the Blu-Ray writer.

The components mentioned are most suitable for assembling my gaming computer. As compared to machines from various established vendors, my personal computer provides more reliability and functionality as a result of using the best components in the market. This makes assembling of the computer costly as it is not similar to other computers such as hp or dell. Assembling the equipment is expensive due to using various parts from different companies, and the total amount used in assembling the machine is $830.  There is a likelihood of the components not being fully compatible due to elements being sourced out from different companies, which may force me to make some changes. Therefore, it would be best to acquire the machines from established vendors to prevent the possibility of continually making adjustments.

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