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Comparing Twitter Users Essay | College Homework Help

Twitter is a contemporary public square with many voices discussing, debating, and sharing opinions. Media figures, comedians, rappers, two fashion models, business leaders or authors, and the general public use social media to get facts and responses to the day’s occurrences. Celebrities increasingly use Twitter to communicate with their fans before, during, and after awards ceremonies. Similarly, when their favorite artists perform or win an award at the show, fans frequently tweet about it. The essay will focus on two renowned artists, Drake and Miley Cyrus, and analyze the numbers on Twitter, content and influence.

Numbers Analysis

Drake and Miley Cyrus are the leading hip-hop artists in the United States and around the globe. Both artists have a massive following on Twitter. However, when you contrast the number of followers, Miley Cyrus has 46.6 million more followers than Drake, who only has 39.4 million. Miley Cyrus has approximately 12k tweets, while  Drake has 1796 tweets. Drake’s minimal tweets are attributed to the fact that he is no longer active on tweeter. Drake has been the subject of over 10.2 million social conversations in the last year, making him have a positive influence on the twitter space. On the other hand, with their massive following, Miley Cyrus negatively influences them. In a tweet, Miley Cyrus states, “I’m a bad influence even to the aliens .”She ought to use her platform to tweet about essential things. Lastly, Drake’s tweets amount to approximately 5000 re-tweets-tweets, while Miley Cyrus’ tweets amount to around 7000 re-tweets per tweet.

Content Analysis

Responses, elements of Drake’s past, and previous relationships were the top three categories of Drake’s tweets. A significant number of Drake-related tweets alluded to the responses of other celebrities in attendance at an award show. The two categories of prior relationships and feelings towards the performance were highlighted. Many people admitted on Twitter that when Rihanna was shown on TV during Drake’s performance, she was giving him “disapproving” and “uninterested” looks (Ziek, 2021). The video clip also brought the Smith family’s reactions to the frontline of tweeters’ attention. Finally, another common theme in Drake’s tweets was how he started acting on the TV series “Degrassi.” Rihanna’s reaction became a Twitter trend. These Rihanna-related tweets most frequently fell into both the reactions and relationship issues sections, as some of them alluded to Rihanna and Drake’s past relationship (Ziek, 2021). Timberlake and Drake had the most references to their pasts compared to the other artists.

Miley Cyrus was frequently mentioned in tweets about Robin Thicke. Some celebrities’ or audiences’ responses to elements of the artist’s performance, such as outfits or dance moves, were highlighted in the tweets about Robin Thicke. Other popular topics for Twitter posts about Robin Thicke include his on-stage actions and previous relationships. One of the most frequently discussed trends on Twitter was Robin Thicke’s and Miley Cyrus’ on-stage behavior and costume choices. Thicke was often compared to Beetle Juice, and Cyrus’s wardrobe was critiqued for being risqué and reminiscent of the girls in Thicke’s controversial video clip for “Blurred Lines (Ingleton & York, 2019).” Furthermore, instead of Thicke, Twitter users criticized Cyrus for “messing up” Thicke’s song and her improper dancing. Thicke is married and relatively older, so her behavior was heavily criticized. As a result, the Twitter posts about Thicke and Cyrus share the standard classifications of reactions, visual aspects of the performance, and connections because the Twitter posts frequently alluded to forecasts of the responses.


There were numerous tweets with similar wording and content. Re-tweetsRe-tweets, favorites, and hashtags all followed the same pattern. People seem to have picked up on basic content patterns and made a significant contribution to these trends by tweeting similarly worded twitter posts and re-tweeting popular tweets about the artists, which supports Social Influence Network theory.

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