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Community Teaching Work Plan Proposal Homework Answer

 Community Teaching Work Plan Proposal


Planning and Topic

Planning Before Teaching:

Name and Credentials of Teacher:


Estimated Time Teaching Will Last:

20-30 mins

Location of Teaching:

Staff breakroom in the nephrology unit

Supplies, Material, Equipment Needed:

Posters, emergency kits with products to select from, goody bags for appropriate answers and staff refreshments

Estimated Cost:



Community and Target Aggregate:

Nurses and Nurse Aides from any age bracket


Natural Disaster: Hurricane



Identification of Focus for Community Teaching

The session is meant to train 7 health care personnel that is conducted in a breakroom of the Nephrology section in a medical facility. The session is meant to train the members of staff on disaster preparedness, for instance, hurricane. This leads to numerous persons being unprepared when disasters occur. Hurricane period in North Carolina begins from July to November. Trainings regarding disaster preparation will enhance the preparedness for the natural disasters and similarly reduces stress on people.

Epidemiological Rationale for Topic

Hurricanes have a negative effect on persons in a different way because of damage it may cause on an individual’s life. Most individuals are slightly affected and others might lose every asset and perhaps their lives. The 2019 season recorded 18 named tornados.  Six turned out to be hurricanes, comprising of three key ones. A characteristic period contains twelve named storms, six cyclones, and three key hurricanes. In addition to the damage attributed to the disaster, most households bear numerous injuries, financial deficits and maybe death. With information provided regarding the storms, most administrations have failed to integrate disaster preparedness in the policies. Persons should devise disaster preparedness mechanisms to prevent the impending dangers attributed to the hurricane.




Teaching Plan Criteria

Nursing Diagnosis:

Preparedness on advanced information regarding disaster readiness.

Readiness for Learning:

It is important for a person to exhibit preparedness by showing interest in the topic. On the other hand, it is imperative to have an engaging and informative session. This will enhance the audience willingness to be trained and sharing the lessons learnt. As a result, the audience has an opportunity of learning the effective methods of disaster preparedness. By understanding the significance of disaster readiness, the community can acquire the much-needed knowledge from the personnel. This will sanction for additional strategies and policies to be developed to facilitate sufficient readiness. Resources may be appropriately utilized during this period. People should be trained on strategies to implement before, during and after the occurrence. Learning during a disaster may be highly detrimental.

Numerous teaching mechanisms may be incorporated in diverse teaching situations. The viable method of teaching for the subject is teach-back technique. The method aides in enhancing the level of understanding amongst the nursing practitioners and most queries may be answered. The method also enhances the audiences’ interest and involvement during the presentation. Posters will be a viable tool together with items for home emergency kits. Any concepts from the staff are invigorated to be shared during the presentations. The project’s objective is informing people regarding the significance of hurricane readiness and awareness.


Prep-9: Increasing the adult proportion aware of their transport support requirements to vacate in readiness of disaster.

Prep -13: Increasing the adult proportion whose household has an emergency strategy that comprises of instructions for the family members.

This presentation concerns readiness for natural catastrophes such as hurricanes. Healthy people 2020 bears several intentions set that involve the preparedness. Advance preparation may offer safety for households and the community. Preparedness circumstances comprise of storms or earthquakes.  This presentation may only involve data regarding preparedness for hurricane storm.  The PowerPoint presentation will involve resources, family preparedness strategies, and items in case of emergencies.

How Does This HP2020 Objective Relate to Alma Ata’s Health for All Global Initiatives

Healthy people 2020 aims focal point is on training, deterrence, campaign and abolition of health-associated ailments and catastrophes. Preparedness is one of the objectives developed for safe health. Healthy people 2020 states that preparation is significant because of negative health outcomes of deliberate assaults, calamities, and natural catastrophes effect communities nationwide.


Develop Behavioral Objectives (Including Domains), Content, and Strategies/Methods:

Behavioral Objective
and Domain







Staff naming two proper items to be contained in home emergency kits.



1. FEMA exhibits the various important items to have in an emergency kit.  They include battery-powered or hand crank radio and a NOAA weather radio

with tone alert, flashlight, first

aid kit and medication.



1.  I would utilize the teach back method ty posing queries regarding the items required.
2. They members will indicate one method of maintaining the generator to guarantee functionality when required.





2. To guarantee the generator’s effective functionality, there are various tips offered to guarantee effectiveness. Foremost, preventing motor burn-out, using suitable electric cords, and powering up the generator after three months. 2. After clarifications, I would utilize the teach back by posing questions regarding ways of maintaining the generator.

Asking if any member owns a generator.



Staff can name single local resource used when in need of assistance during or after disasters.




Local resources integrated during and aftermath of hurricane catastrophes include Carteret Long Term Recovery Alliance, Pamlico County Disaster Recovery Alliance, and Jones County Rise.



After presenting the data, I would utilize the teach-back mechanism by posing questions to assess if they were not aware of different mechanisms and if they had implemented any mechanism.



Staff will be assessed on whether family preparedness has been generated.






FEMA bears a family strategy to adhere to. This will involve choosing an out-of-town associate or next of kin as points of contact, agree on a meeting point if unable to return home, preserve significant forms and contacts  and guaranteeing that kids are incorporated in preparedness discussions


In the aftermath of the presentation, I will request to know if the family strategy comprises of what FEMA recommends. Other concepts that may be incorporated. Guarantee that extended family members are aware of the strategy.



Creativity is significant when training as it ignites the audience interest. Creativity was utilized in developing posters with images. A variety of products will be offered to select from. Prizes will be offered for every question answered correctly.





Planned Evaluation of Objectives.

  1. Measuring if every member can states one method of maintaining a generator and how to use it.
  2. Measuring the staffs’ ability to viable items in an emergency kit.
  3. Measuring if the staff generated a family preparedness strategy for a storm, if the household is cognizant of the strategy, and if the plan has ever been implemented.
  4. Assessing if the staff can name one resource that can used by the

Planned Evaluation of Goal:

Evaluating the teaching effectiveness would begin during the presentation when questions are posed and questions answered by members of staff.  Teach back method will be integrated all through the presentation. When every individual is selecting emergency kit items and providing the rationale on why the item has been chosen will be used in assessment of the training objectives.

Planned Evaluation of Lesson and Teacher

I can assess my progress based on the teaching skills at the end of the questions and respond to part of the presentation. I will then guarantee that every goal is attained and questions well responded during the self-assessment. Given the staff feedback and the participation during the presentation will involve the presentation’s effectiveness.


Barriers arising during the training may be a disruption from other colleagues, call bells going off, and people using their mobile handsets. I would commend being in a quiet space and requesting individuals to present 15 minutes of their complete devotion.

Therapeutic Communication

Before the start of the presentation, I would request every person to seize an item they believe is important for a home emergency kit.  In the aftermath, I will request every person to provide a basis regarding the selection of the item and its significance for the emergency kit. Every member clarifying their aims for selection of the item will represent active listening from every member during the presentation. . I may pose queries during the presentation that facilitates active listening from every member of staff.  I will similarly request the members of staff to integrate additional concepts. I will end by posing questions and engaging the personnel. I will display a list of good indispensable emergency kit items and resources stated during the presentation. In the course of the presentation, I will be proficiently robed, having an open stance outlook, maintaining eye contact, and facial illustrations will highlight the significance on the deliberated subject.





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