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Community Resources: CDC | College Assignment Help

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is considered as the Department of Health & Human Services’ main operating components. The CDC’s quest is to aid health promotion, prevention, and preparation by combating all illnesses and helping communities across the United States. To that end, the organization performs critical science and disseminates patient data that safeguard the country from risky health threats and takes action when they emerge. Additionally, through various public health interventions such as vaccine promotion, infectious disease prevention, and management of chronic conditions. The CDC saves lives, protects people from health hazards, and improves public health as the country’s health protection agency.

Contribution of the CDC’s Vision and Mission to the Advancement of Public Health and Safety

The CDC’s purpose is to protect the American public from health, safety, and security concerns that are internal or external in origin, acute or chronic, curable or preventable, intentional or unintended, and caused by human error. The entity facilitates the fight against diseases by strengthening community and residents’ understanding through education and health advancement (CDC, 2021). The entity performs critical science research and propagates health information vital in protecting society from catastrophic threats to health. The entity treats all people with integrity, honor, and respect to promote the health of every citizen (CDC, 2021). The organization facilitates intellectual and personal advancement while maintaining integrity, prioritizes social benefits over institutional gains, and guarantees that public health decision-making is backed by evidence.

Promote Equal opportunity and Enhance Life Quality

The CDC released the Community Health Improvement Navigator in 2015 to aid in evaluating community healthcare needs and the advancement of initiatives to tackle those needs. The purpose is to help healthcare facilities, their affiliated healthcare institutions, and communities identify critical interventions that they can adjust to have the strongest influence on enhancing the health and wellbeing of their society (CDC, 2021). The system primarily focuses on the seven health risk factors with the top causes of mortality in the United States. Still, the model is adaptable to include other essential community health complications. Moreover, the initiatives can be refined to resolve modifiable healthcare outcomes and obstacles.

In the 6/18 Initiative, the CDC and partners – such as health providers, public health officials, insurance companies, and companies who buy health insurance – use 18 proven interventions to identify six common and devastating health problems. This initiative enhances health and reduces healthcare costs by providing partners with proof about high-burden medical problems and related interventions. It highlights disease-prevention initiatives to improve their insurance, use, and quality, and affiliating proven preventive methods with value-based health insurance payment systems.

Impact of Funding Sources, Policy, and Legislation on the Organization’s Service Provision

The CDC promotes health policies that both enhance and safeguard the health of communities. The CDC health care policy series is meant to offer state and local public health professionals guidance by showcasing opportunities for public health to interact with health care to improve public health. The CDC collaborates with Public Health Regulations to enhance the legitimate readiness of the health system to resolve risks, chronic diseases, and other national public health preferences (Masic, 2018). These regulations have far-reaching impacts on the health of different demographics. They are based on federal and state statutes and other parliamentary enactments, agency laws and regulations, court rulings and legal precedent, and public body guidelines. The CDC and its partner organizations strive to strengthen legal readiness across the health system by deploying new legal tools that lawmakers and front-line professionals will use to address the complete spectrum of 21st-century health care opportunities and challenges.

The CDC reacts to health emergencies, demanding rapid coordination among Congress, federal agencies, and associates. These enterprises fund policies and strive to improve the CDC mission. At the same time, the CDC commits to the Pledge of the American Public by being better stewards of the financing delegated to it (CDC, 2021). Chronic disease intervention is projected to account for three-quarters of all healthcare spending. Chronic diseases directly impact the total healthcare expenditures, the productivity of employees, and the economy (Roy et al., 2016). The CDC utilizes the President’s proposed budget and contracts to purchase goods such as resources, vaccines, and machinery to advance the agency’s health care mission both domestically and abroad. These contract actions amounted to $5.7 billion in assistance of major global health initiatives and research (CDC, 2021). These goods and services directly affect individuals and groups by providing tools for disease screening, preventative measures, and therapeutic interventions and reacting to medical emergencies.

Impact on Local Community

The CDC’s Health Impact in 5 Years (HI-5) initiative is aimed to have a “long-term effect on outcomes” by recognizing determinants of health and making healthy decisions more straightforward. This program covers society with health interventions, methodologies, and preventative measures (Nelson, 2018). These services cover a broad array of medical conditions and threats facing everybody in the community, from infancy to old age. For instance, abuse and neglect, infant mortality, liver cirrhosis, vehicle incidents, obesity, unwanted pregnancies, and traumatic brain injury. Nurses have the power to make a difference in their societies. The HI-5 initiative has a broad scope, providing nurses with meaningful ways of promoting population health.

Nurse practitioners can serve as instructors and screening professionals in the many services available by this action plan to society. They can encourage individuals by educating people on public health and risk reduction concerns, allowing individuals or particular groups to optimize their wellbeing (Roy et al., 2016). For instance, working with youth to educate them on the effects of drug use and screening for risk variables that may be affiliated with their use. They also collaborate with neighborhood groups, civic organizations, and legislative bodies to advocate for policies to improve community-level circumstances that result in lower healthcare outcomes while also enhancing action and understanding of community health & security necessities.


The CDC is an essential element of the nation’s safety and health, with numerous initiatives and practices to sustain this. Because the CDC offers such a broad array of services, countless positive effects are not cited in this report. The initiatives, regulations, and funding mentioned above help individuals and groups increase disease consciousness and access to public services. In addition, the CDC detects new illnesses and risks and takes precautions to avoid and keep the public safe. Communities must be mindful of the CDC’s services and resources.

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