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Community Health Nursing Discussion Questions and Answers

Discussion Questions

Question 1

Some community health nurses’ functions in collaboration with community shareholders include population health advancements, for instance, through practicing of skills emphasizes partnership and communication and the link between community health nurse and many stakeholders in a community.  Therefore, abilities assist co-operative affiliations with community leaders and shareholders to seek resolutions and resources. This is attributed to the community health nurse’s exceptional understanding, skills, and capabilities. The community health nurses play a significant role in including themselves in the communal organization, health training, and social reforms. Through community health, nurse cultural capability abilities aids in concentrating on imperceptible aspects within the community, which promotes healthcare, prevents diseases and recognizes different races, attitudes, and values. As a result, the skills help offer services to the community with more intricate challenges with high-risk populaces (Clark, 2015). Moreover, community health nurse assists in acquiring community evaluation data analysis that assists in managing the health promotion with local understanding to progress populace health outcomes. Lastly, affiliations with shareholders aids in the development of multiple level interventions, which improves sustainability and more so develops trust and appropriate uses of community sources, for instance, training.

Question 2

It is imperative to assess community resources as part of community evaluation since individuals have an improved comprehension of the region one intends to serve.  As a result, one may study the community’s resources, engage with community members, and potentially develop fresh community affiliations. Receiving and reviewing information aids in determining the fundamental outcomes such as the community’s strengths and weaknesses and the prospects and problems faced. Moreover, appraising community resources aids in ascertaining and evaluating the children’s needs in neighborhoods adjacent to a local elementary institution (Clark, 2015). The community sources are significant in population health advancement since they assist in meeting the population’s precise needs. The community resources are important in skill development post-discharge by assisting the clients in expanding their variety of support outlets, expression, and regular self-development. Community resources are indispensable since it presents the clientele to characteristic and fresh experiences; therefore, health population is exposed to new practices, engaging their abilities, and exploring earlier repressed communal and cultural requirements.

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