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Communication Tool: Activity 4

In health care organizations, the development of a useful communication tool is fundamental to enhanced service delivery. The communication tool facilitates the flow of information between the key target audience comprising of the patients and professional medical practitioners such as physicians and nurses. The establishment of clear communication is critical to attaining quality service delivery and assurance of the best care provided to patients. The communication tool enables the flow of information such as patient health history, accurate diagnosis, medication, and aftercare services (Vermeir et al., 2015). in turn, this culminates in the realization of high standards services to patients and the competitiveness of the health care organization in the industry. Therefore, effective communication is fundamental to enhance community health through quality service delivery.

Target Audience

Professional Medical Practitioners (Physicians and Nurses)

Physicians and nurses maintain professional communication approaches in health care service delivery. The communication tool facilitates the sharing of information between doctors and nurses. This impacts the provision of quality health care services free of errors and in a timely manner. Physicians and nurses communicate through channels such as pagers, internal memos and notices boards, phone calls, messages, pagers, and face-to-face communication. The communication channel aims at making it efficient for the doctors and nurses to share information on the patient’s health state and progress level. Thus, focus on making the patients as comfortable as possible.


In health care, communication to patients is fundamental to quality services provision. The capacity to maintain effective communication ascertains that they provide the right information. This leads to the right diagnosis and subsequent actions. Effective communication allows nurses and doctors to share critical information in the management of diseases (Marquis & Huston, 2017). The communication tool recognizes the value of good communication impacting the feeling where the patients feel appreciated, valued, and respected. Consequently, determine the overall perception and feeling of the patients.

Communication Tool

Figure 1: Communication Tool Indication Flow of Information in Health Care Settings.

(Source: Author).

The communication tool provides four critical mechanisms involved in the communication between the professional medical practitioners and the patients. The step provides creating awareness between the involved stakeholders. This is fundamental to establish a conducive environment of engagement and treatment (Vermeir et al., 2015). The second step entails creating a sense of understanding between both stakeholders. In health care, understanding is critical to making the right decisions and subsequent actions. Understanding culminates in providing the right direction to which the operations of health care service providers should follow to achieve quality treatment. The third entails the involvement of respective parties (Stålberg et al., 2019). The communication tool indicates the value of selecting the roles of both the patients and professional medical practitioners in proper health care services provision. Finally, it identifies the engagement level with which each stakeholder communicates and communicates to uphold. Therefore, outline a process in which quality service delivery is ascertained and the satisfaction of all involved parties.

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