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To whom it may concern,


This letter is written to present and certify the character of Ms. McCarthy as a hardworking, passionate, and committed individual. This presents integral characters that define Ms. McCarthy as a person and value addition to your organization.

I have known Ms. McCarthy for over ten years now, in which I find her to be a committed and competent employee. In her work, she is focused on getting things done in a successful manner and on time. All the work assignments we have conducted in the years of working together, she has never been later on any work delegated to her. She has always stood out as creative personnel who engage other employees to facilitate their work conduct in the organization. For instance, in a company of over fifty employees, eighty percent of the employees have had direct contacts and engagements with her seeking assistance on various issues. On this, I find her to be a committed person that not only cares about her work responsibility but also creating a conducive environment and good relationship among those she works within the organization.

Over the past ten years, I can confidently state that Ms. McCarthy has acquired tremendous experience and skills that can be maximized for the most significant benefit to the organization. In addition to experience, skills, and competence build over the years, Ms. McCarthy has a kind heart and highly ethical.

Therefore, she will not only be an employee to your organization, but also, she will be an added asset that can traverse different departments related to the responsibilities and position provided.

I give my unreserved recommendation to accord her the opportunity in your organization.




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