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Coke- Zero in the Qatar market | Research Paper Writing Help


Coke zero is a form of soft drink brand that one can easily find in Qatar. The brand is famous as it considered good for health since it contains shallow sugar content compared to other brands. Recently, most individuals are shifting from sugary products in an attempt to achieve a healthy living. Coke zero can be found in all shops that sell foods or soft drinks.

Target Market

The target market for Coke-zero comprises of young children, elderly, and persons with chronic diseases. The young persons are the primary targets because their parents and caretakers want to ensure that they give them products that do not affect their health adversely as they grow up. On the other hand, older people are very cautious of their health and have a higher likelihood of acquiring chronic illnesses compared to the younger generations on diseases such as diabetes and others that arise from excessive consumption of sugary products. They hence prefer having the diet coke as a way of maintaining their healthΒ (Tikhonov, Lebedeva, & Stepanov, 2019). Additionally, persons with chronic diseases are also very wary of their health and hence opt to consume healthy products, therefore settling on the diet coke.


Diet coke is old in all retail and wholesale outlets in the country, making it easily accessible to the entire consumer base in the country.


The diet coke goes for around 2.67 QR, which is a relatively affordable price as compared to other products in the market. The reason for Coca Cola Company settling on this product was owed to the health advantage associated with it due to its low-levels of sugar. There was a need to meet the rising demand for healthy products as most individuals in the nation were becoming more aware of what products they ought to consume as a way of maintaining a healthy living standard.

Most Important Variable (PESTLE)

Political Factors

Before introducing any product in the market, there is a need to factor in the political aspects surrounding the product markets. This includes the environmental approach, laws governing the nation, and the taxation rules. Coca Cola Inc., the company producing the diet Coke, is already established in Qatar, making it easier to introduce new products in the country. It also follows the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and since it complies with all the set laws and regulations of the country, hence giving it creditability and easy access to the market (Haji, 2018). Other factors that the company has complied with include labor laws, tax compliance, ethical conduct, and internal marketing. The company can, therefore, keep up flexibly with the Qatar market.

Proposed Product Extension

To make the Coke-Zero product more marketable in the country, there is a need for Coca Cola company to sell the product in various sizes as a way of reaching out to the most extensive consumer base and other economic classes. Selling the product in different sizes implies having it at affordable prices, where all individuals, despite their economic classes, will easily afford the drink. This is an added advantage as it increases the number of sales. After introducing new packages, the company should then embark on an extensive marketing strategy that will make consumers more conversant with the product, as a way of boosting its sales.

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