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Coca-Cola Org Structure | Online Homework Help

Coca-Cola Organizational Structure

For a company to fulfill its strategies, it must have the right organizational structure. As for the Coca-Cola Company, both layout and design are crucial in realizing its goals. The system dictates peoples` roles in an organization and their relationships. Often those at the top of an organization are oblivious to these problems or pass them off as challenges to overcome or opportunities to develop (Corkindale, 2011). A good, well-organized design ensures coordination among the functions hence no unnecessary morass of contradiction.

Corporate culture refers to beliefs and behaviors of how company employees and management interact in the handling of business transactions. It all starts with the company leaders, mostly the C E O, as they act as a moral compass to their subordinates. Human Resources (HR) leaders and other members should foster a high-performance organizational culture. Their core focus is culture management. In ensuring corporate culture, they should liaise with senior management to discuss what culture should look like.

Organizational culture may be based on a hero. The Coca-Cola Company’s corporate culture is based on a hero, the 1923 CEO of the company, Robot W. Woodruff. In 1926, he made Coca-Cola at the age of 33, an international company mainly through exports. Such motivational leadership boosts the efficiency of workers.

A change in the procedure of the company would be to reduce its carbon footprints. They should use recyclable material to reduce the cost of bottling. Currently, cans and bottles are not made of recyclable materials. Only 27% of plastic bottles find their way into recycling (Understanding and Developing Organizational Culture, 2021). The company should create global educational initiatives that exalt the value of recycling. It should pay people for returning plastic bottles for recycling purposes.

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