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Assessment of Management’s Effectiveness and Efficiency at Coca Cola Company


Coca-cola Company is a Coca Cola Company was established in 1892 and is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. The company is the largest non-alcoholic beverage company in the world dealing in manufacturing, retailing, and marketing of non-alcoholic beverage concentrates and syrups. Coca-Cola Company’s brand portfolio is the most extensive in the industry consisting of over 500 various nonalcoholic beverage brands sold in over 200 countries worldwide. The company’s beverage brands include; sparkling bottled water, juices, tea and coffee, energy drinks, sports drinks, and carbonated soft drinks. The purpose of this essay is to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of the company’s management.

Mission, Vision, and Value Statement

Mission, vision, and value statement are critical elements of a company’s strategy. They act as the premises in the establishment of organizational decisions, goals, and objectives. Coca Cola mission statement is comprised of three parts; to refresh the world, to inspire moments of optimism and happiness, and to create value and make a difference. The company values making a difference in individuals and society through improving the quality of lives by maintaining a trend more focused on health consciousness. Its responsibilities to stakeholders include corporate social responsibility, empowering employees through collective problem solving, and investors through dynamism in penetrating new markets which translates to more revenue. The vision statement establishes direction in achieving sustainable growth through inspiring employees to exceed expectations, creating a conducive environment for suppliers and customers, and diversifying its portfolio to meet customer needs (Brondoni, 2019). The value statement consists of the company’s core values; diversity, leadership, quality, and integrity. The value statement serves as a basis for decision making as it incorporates inclusivity, the determination to shape a sustainable future, emphasis on quality of products, and disclosure of ingredients used in production.

Problems and Challenges

The company’s main strategic issue stems from the change in consumer preference for health-conscious drinks. Coca Cola revenues have been dropping as more people join the wellness and health trend. According to research, lifestyle change has been linked with cancer, diabetes, and obesity thus more consumers are concerned about the content of soft drinks as they shift consumption to healthy products preferably low-calorie drinks (Gertner and Rifkin, 2018).

The managerial challenge that aligns with Coca Cola company involves ethical issues. Ethical considerations in Coca Cola Company are an important aspect as it seeks to maintain a positive brand image. Coca-Cola has been accused of exercising unethical practices such as racial discrimination and water mismanagement. The company has been sued for discrimination in areas such as performance evaluation, low payment, and promotion mostly by African American employees. Coca Cola has also been accused of unethical practices regarding its water management. The company is a big water consumer as it’s an essential ingredient in the production process. However, the company ensures it maintains cost leadership by tapping local water resources at the expense of the community such as Native Americans who lose their livelihood.

Trust and Learning

Successful businesses are built upon rapport between internal and external stakeholders. Trust forms the basis of rapports thus firms that cultivate a culture of trust are predisposed to be triumphant. Trust between employees and management leads to increased productivity, boosted morale, improved employee engagement, and efficiency and enhances decision making (Hughes, Rigtering, Covin, Bouncken and Kraus, 2018). Additionally, it improves employee retention as employees are empowered to contribute to problem-solving. Building a learning organization ensures consistency of behavior and values in a company. Also, it encourages the maintenance of a culture of knowledge sharing as experienced staff guide the new staff and ensures employees work towards a common goal.


Coca Cola Company is well placed to solve its key strategic issues regarding healthy drinks and ethical considerations through the implementation of its values, mission, and vision statements. The foundation of the development of strategies to achieve its goals is through the empowerment of the employees through building a relationship based on trust since it acts as a prerequisite of employee job satisfaction.

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