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COACH brand: Data Analysis | College Homework Help Online

In the corporate world, many organizations explore opportunities in the market by identifying problems and developing viable solutions that can be used to address the emerging issues. From this realization, individuals encounter challenges that can be solved by embracing innovation and spearheading activities that yield positive outcomes. One of the approaches that is used by organizations involves the discovery of disruptive technologies that demonstrate the need for a corporation to solve issues affecting its performance in the market. Given the changing nature of individuals, organizations can realize their objectives by overcoming challenges that hinder them from engaging with their target audience. In this regard, COACH is a luxury fashion brand that targets certain population groups in the business environment. Dwelling on its ability to develop innovative fashion products and commodities, the organization discovers problems that draw consumers from their perspectives towards fashion. By designing clothes and other accessories based on the consumer attitude, the global brand has repeatedly discovered its niche in the market and created a competition that inspires individuals to associate with the brand. In this portfolio, the performance of COACH will be analyzed and projected by using diagrams that visualize the growth curve of the corporation against other industry players. Understanding the needs of consumers enables organizations to discover their potential and overcome challenges that obstruct their growth and development patterns.

Justification of the Brand and Background

The COACH Brand

Using the Coach brand in this exercise was inspired by its consistent performance and generation of quality products in the fashion industry. Importantly, consumers in this industry are the hardest to please because of the frequent changes that are inspired by movements unlike other fields where consumers may stick to certain activities over a long period. In this regard, Coach’s ability to associate with young people equips the brand with a certain level of power that shapes its performance in the business environment. Even though the fashion brand has a say over other population groups in the market, the organization has grown to become a fashion powerhouse in the U.S. and beyond (Doss & Robinson, 2013). By observing its performance in the highly competitive market, individuals can learn numerous strategies that can be implemented to overcome challenges and achieve desired objectives. Therefore, this study will dwell on the Coach brand and explore alternatives that can be used to improve its performance.

TOP KEYWORDS Search Traffic (%)
Coach 16.75%
Coach Outlet 8.14%
Coach Bags 3.44%
Coach Outlet Online 3.36%
Coach Purses 1.76%


Michael Kors is one of Coach’s biggest rivals because of its ability to develop innovative products that target its consumer market. Founded in 1981, Michael Kors has made significant strides in the fashion industry and surpassed Coach with its innovative strategies. While Coach made $1.4billion in 2018, Michael Kors recorded $5.6billion, making it the most profitable corporation after Luis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren, and Burberry. In the same vein, Kate Spade is one of Coach’s rivals in the business environment, even though Coach has more employees than Kate Spade. In the apparel retail industry, Coach encounters stiff competition from Michael Kors, Kate Spade, and Tony Burch, which act as alternatives to its fashion products and accessories. Therefore, Coach’s strategy is aligned towards dominating the apparel retail industry by developing innovative products that appeal to the changing needs of individuals in the business environment.

Coach’s Marketing Strategy

When introducing consumers to a particular product, organizations are expected to improve the overall experience of individuals by using channels that satisfy the changing needs of customers. Today, one can easily be confused by the various terminologies that are being used to describe the marketing scene in the business environment. Omnichannel marketing focuses on the consumer experience from the point of initiating a purchase up to the last stage of the buying process (Mehrjoo & Pasek, 2016). During this process, a customer is guaranteed of effective results and overall experience that influences him or her about initiating a subsequent purchase with the seller. Regardless of the channel used by a consumer, the organization will engage the individual with a personalized message that reflects the need of the company to have an intimate conversation with the buyer (Valaei & Nikhashemi, 2017). In the modern corporate world, consumers are easily distracted by activities that occur in their immediate environment. Using the omnichannel marketing strategy, consumers develop a sense of loyalty that equips the corporation with a competitive advantage over other industry players in the market.

In a multichannel marketing approach, the brand is positioned centrally to oversee other activities taking place in the business environment. Unlike the omnichannel marketing technique, the multichannel approach relies on a lean method that joins the organization to the consumer market (McIntyre, Melewar, & Dennis, 2016). Its focus is to avail the products to the market and develop an enabling environment where individuals can discover their potential and realize their benefits by associating with the commodity. However, the multichannel approach is considered ineffective because of its inability to focus on solving the customer’s interests, a move that exposes it to additional problems in the corporate world (Manser Payne, Peltier, & Barger, 2017).

In many instances, corporations intending to embrace the omnichannel approach use the multichannel technique because of its ability to unite individuals and expose them to an enabling environment that unites them in an attempt to discover the potential of an organization. Hence, organizations that use the multichannel marketing concept fail to realize the benefits associated with interacting with the consumer and solving problems affecting them in their immediate environment (Ng, 2014). Coach’s omnichannel marketing strategy has enabled the corporation to discover its potential and connect with consumers from a personalized approach that encourages them to familiarize with other products. Given the approach taken by the corporation, one can easily identify its consistent growth that has resulted in the realization of various benefits an organization can accrue today.

Brand’s Organic and Paid Searches

Coach enjoys a significant number of organic keywords, an aspect that demonstrates its ability to connect with its target audience in the business environment. Given the fact that individuals prefer to read content that is not clogged with meaningless words with the aim of generating a lead for the website, it is important for corporations to emulate organic searches, which provide an actual image of the company’s performance in the business environment (Edelman & Lai, 2016). Coach’s top five keywords are divided into 71.62% organic and 28.38% paid searches, which enables the apparel fashion retailer to connect with its consumers in the U.S. and beyond.

Key Word Opportunities Breakdown
Optimization Opportunities 3,200
key word Gaps 40,500
Buyer Keywords 6,400
Easy to Rank Keywords 8,000

Inbound Content and Affiliate Marketing Strategies

Given the fact that there are various social media platforms that can be used to market fashion apparel products, Coach takes advantage of Instagram, which has become the leading social channel where individuals can share their outfits. Motivated by its business approach, Coach has identified Instagram to be its leading destination sites where it can connect with potential customers and engage them on fashion affairs. Besides, PayPal offers a perfect opportunity for customers to shop and pay within the platform, a move that encourages the number of sales towards the online market (Dwivedi, Rana, & Alryalat, 2017). Besides, engaging various corporations on an affiliate marketing program drives up sales and increases the ability of individuals to discover different products that enhance their overall experience concerning fashion and apparel designs.




Comparison Metrics
Search Traffic 37.50%
Bounce rate 35.30%


Data Compliance and Ethics

In the corporate world, organizations are expected to adhere to a set of regulations that hinder them from misleading consumers because of the impact of misleading them on their products. Data compliance is a continuous process that focuses on a wide range of issues affecting individuals in their immediate environment (Giacalone, Cusatelli, & Santarcangelo 2018). For instance, an organization such as Coach can be exposed to a set of regulations that define its legal accreditation and other marketing techniques used to penetrate the market. Adherence to a set of laws and regulations determines an organization’s ability to overcome various issues that distract individuals from their immediate environment to conquer situations that affect an organization’s brand image. In this regard, Coach has maintained a certain level of professionalism that measures compliance and subjects its operation to expected standards.

Coach’s Performance with Other Market Players

Comparing Coach with Kate Spade reveals various pointers that can be used by the two corporations to approach the apparel market. In many instances, corporations encounter a series of problems that hinder them from discovering their potential and accomplishing their desired objectives. In this regard, Coach enjoys a significant online presence based on the search results, number of customer visits on the website, and the time taken by users on the website. Unlike Coach, Kate Spade boasts of a significant consumer market from direct marketing that eliminates the role of affiliate marketers in the business environment. Likewise, Coach competes with reputable brands such as Michael Kors, which have made significant strides in the corporate world. Understanding the social media approach taken by organizations in the business environment.

Similar Sites Overlap
Katespade.com 15.6
Michaekors.com 15.5
Toybruch.com 11.5
Burberry.com 10.6



By partnering with numerous affiliate marketers from Amazon and other established corporations, Coach can grow its influence and visibility in the business environment. Reaching new territories can be used as a pointer of growth and development where individuals can realize their potential and discover challenges affecting individuals in their immediate environment. In this regard, Coach’s management should engage professionals to discover their potential in the market before realizing various objectives that hinder customers from discovering their potential. By identifying more influencers in different aspects such as sports and music, the brand can gain recognition in other markets where it commands a slow following.

Today, positioning and aligning a company’s objectives in the markets requires individuals and company managers to identify strategies that can be used to discover the potential of organizations in the market. Based on the changing needs of individuals, organizations should invest in R&D to match up with the dynamic fashion trends that are being introduced in the modern market. For instance, Coach can conduct surveys to identify what their target audience would love to be included in their product list. From the feedback, the corporation can make changes that aim at solving problems in the world today. Developing a responsive social platform, corporations can discover their objectives and engage in activities that focus on meeting changing consumer needs.


Understanding the needs of consumers enables organizations to discover their potential and overcome challenges that obstruct their growth and development patterns. In this regard, Coach has established its dominance in the market through the creation of viable approaches that connect with the consumer by solving problems that affect the lifestyles of their consumers. Pitted against its competitors, Coach is likely to excel and accomplish its desired objectives because of its ability to understand the market. However, it can exceed its market growth and reach by collaborating with established affiliate marketers who understand the need to discover potential and convince consumers by exposing them to an enabling environment.

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