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Cloning and Designer Babies

Cloning and Designer Babies

In many nations, various regulations prohibit the use of different genetic engineering methods due to the numerous ethical issues. The human use of reproductive cloning and the other methods should be averted since the technology is likely to destabilize the autonomy of the child. The controversy revolves around whether parents should be allowed to utilize various technological aspects to satisfy reproductive needs.


According to Terec-Vlad and Terec-Vlad (2013), cloning is the method of genetically generating a duplicate copy of a human being. Various ethical issues are particular to human cloning. They comprise the process’s safety and efficiency, impacts of reproductive cloning on the relation between the child and parents, and co-modifying human life as a study product. Various devout groups, for instance, Muslims, Catholics, and Hindus are against the cloning of human beings various as they believe it is equivalent to disrespecting God. Most morally upright individuals view this as violating beings’ uniqueness granted by God. Despite medical cloning presenting the opportunity to offer care for suffering human beings, plucking out the stem cells is similar to killing as it entails embryo destruction. It is considered unethical and morally unethical to end an individual’s life to guarantee another person’s life.

Designer Babies

According to Embryo Project Encyclopaedia (2011), a designer baby is genetically engineered for particular traits, ranging from a lower risk of contracting diseases to gender selection. For example, preimplantation genetic diagnosis permits the screening of viable embryos for specific genetic traits before implantation. Through this mechanism, doctors can select embryos that may not be susceptible to other genomic conditions. Those in opposition to designer babies hold several ethical concerns as they are concerning the social implications of developing children with favored traits. The accessibility of technology means that a gap may develop between the privileged and underprivileged in society. This means that the affluent in society will have the ability to choose the desired traits, whereas others may fail to access similar options. Therefore, economic disparities turn out as genetic disparities, with social aspects separating the privileged from the underprivileged.

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