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Climate Reality and Fashion | Best Homework Helpers

After watching the climate reality presentation, I felt that there is a need for an action plan that will reduce green-house gas emissions. I learned that all industries are responsible for global carbon emission and have greatly damaged the climate. One of the facts that was an eye opener to my perception of global climate stated that human beings are putting 110 million tons of manmade global warming pollution in the atmosphere every day. Considerably, the CO2 concentrations have increased and trapped heat from the burning of fossil fuels. When industries and individuals burn oil or coal through their activities, they cause air pollution and global warming. Another impactful fact was that CO2 is being emitted into the air further than at any period in the last 66 million years (Andrea, 2020). Another major fact was that the biggest cause of global warming and pollution has been the burning of fossil oils and gases leading to a shift in temperatures.

In chapter 3, climate change has resulted in human activities and climatic variations. Climate change has been a human-induced process that has been caused by an indirect and direct human-induced process that has resulted to climate change. This relates to the presentation which indicates that climate change has resulted in human activities such as burning fossil fuels through activities such as transport, oil production, industrial agriculture, mining, and forest burning. It is important for people to understand that climate change is induced by human activities.

Considerably, fashion brands contribute to climate change with the fashion industry being responsible for about 10% of the greenhouse gas emissions annually (Hibberd, 2020). Therefore, it is important for fashion brands to understand the scientific knowledge of climate change as well as the issues of pollution in to react through sustainable practices.

System think allows an individual to view an issue from a broader perspective which includes the patterns, the cycles, and the overall structures in the pattern. System think will allow the effective organization and interpretation of large and diverse information that is relevant regarding climate change. System think will allow connectedness of environmental behavior, the natural world, climate change threats, and climate policies to build the current thinking on adaptation and mitigation strategies towards more responsible fashion in the future.

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