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Classical Musical Period | Music Homework Help

The classical music period in Western music is believed to have been between 1750 and 1820 as an advancement upon the baroque period. The term classical music is utilized in an idiomatic sense as an alternative expression for Western art music. It offers a description of the diverse music styles, particularly from the 16th to 19th centuries. The era is also known for having produced popular composers. They include Joseph Haydn, Wolfgang Mozart, and Ludwig van Beethoven (Records, 2016). The classical period resulted in the introduction of a style known as the sonata style that has dominated composition using instruments up to the present time.


Foremost, much significance was accorded to various forms of instrumental music such as the sonata, string, concerto, symphony, and serenade. The style is known as sonata, and the concerto advanced and turned out to be the most significant style, whereas the symphony was developed during this era. The new form of the sonata was utilized as a build-up to the initial movement of a variety of comprehensive compositions. In addition, it was also used in other developments and solitary sections, such as Overtures. Moreover, it utilized the typical paces, such as fanfares to get attention, and the burial walk tempo is imperative in instituting and uniting the sound of a solitary movement. The concerto grosso, which entails more than one artist, was slowly replaced by the solo concerto that involved a single artist.ย  Therefore, it started placing the utmost significance on a specific soloist’s ability to show off their talents.

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Another major characteristic entailed emphasizing on the variety and contrast within a composition as compared to other periods. Various keys, tunes, beats, crescendos along with recurrent mood changes, were common aspects in this era as compared to the baroque period. The piece of music was considered to be shorter as compared to those in the baroque age. Compositions in the classical music period were comprised of straightforward expressions and rhythms that are marked (Simonton, 2010). The orchestra’s size and range increased, the harpsichord continuo became distinct, and the woodwind developed into a self-reliant unit. As a single device, the piano replaced the harpsichord. The texture of the music played by the early piano was subtle, frequently accompanied by the Alberti bass. It, however, became more resounding and prevailing.

The other major aspect is that classical music has a light and unblemished quality and less intricate. The music is principally homophonic, which means that the tunes are beyond chordal complement. The classical period of music also utilizes a galant style drawn in opposition to the baroque era frameworks. Also, it emphasizes light sophistication as opposed to the baroqueโ€™s distinguished gravity and imposing magnificence. The generality of the texture made compositions using instruments more significant.


The classical era period set the groundwork for a more personal exploration of the Romantic period. The key advantage of normalizing systems within the period is that they assist in serving as a starting point for different innovations. Classical composers were already playing around with the very forms they organized during the latter stages of the classical period. For instance, the enhanced orchestra turns out to be a tool for intense expressions. Therefore, as a result of some assistance from Beethoven, it became a catalyst for steering in the Romantic period.

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