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Clarifying Research Question

Post University’s board of directors has identified the decreasing number of enrolments for the Business analytics course. As a result, the management posed the query, “How can enrolments in Business Analytics be increased?”  The research paper aims at formulating five research questions that offer the best definition of the research requirements to address the management’s dilemma. The questions will illustrate a connection to the chapter materials and, at the same time, trying to resolve the dilemma. In the research, the formulated questions shall be in a system of either management styles, assessment of statistical data, analytical enquiring of specific groups and persons, or scopes that address qualitative and quantitative data. Continuous evaluations are suggested to make certain enrolment drawbacks are evident before the challenge recurs.

Research Phases

The first phase of the research process acknowledges the question posed by the board of management, “How can enrolment in this course be increased?” The scholars will concentrate on the Business Analytics course, the problems, and the solutions from the query posed. According to Bell, Bryman, and Harley (2018), this type of study querying is at the management level. Management queries are the reaffirmation of the administration’s predicament in the form of queries. In most cases, the query may seem ambiguous as it does not openly provide a clear research area. However, it provides researchers with a starting point.

The next phase involves creating research queries that classify the challenge. According to Fishman (2019), the form of the question is considered investigative. These types of research questions are queries that a scholar should respond to to get a conclusion regarding the study query. Also, the research questions assess the entire university’s strategies and process regarding the entire course. The research will assess several areas. They include the form of enrolment that entails hybrid, online, or physical campus. Splitting the subject of interest to assess will help formulating specific queries, making scholars’ conclusions more convincing than being general.

The next phase will involve an analysis of the data collected and commence the development of qualitative queries. According to Fishman (2019), quantitative queries are queries used by researchers in gathering research data. The type of question may entail asking the research participants to be engaged in questionnaires and filling surveys. Queries that weigh comprehensively on the partakers can specify potential concerns or resolutions that are not conspicuous. Prior to this stage, statistics might not have been instantly accessible for the research objectives. Data collected from analytical and measurement queries are likely to indicate the critical reasons for every outcome. In addition, the data may eradicate probable concerns that might have been recognized in the initial stages of the study.

In this case, presenting the five rive research queries is the ultimate phase. These questions will be utilized by the board of management to implement solutions towards the dilemma. This step is administered after conducting analysis and comparison of the gathered data. Moreover, it is important for the fine-tuning process of the research statement. This course of fine-tuning involves a thorough assessment of the problem statement regarding the location.  The post-university board of management should consider the following research queries to solve the dilemma. The first research question is, “how can the course be more relevant than its current position and degree prerequisites. The second research question, “Is there more supply than demand for Business Analytics 330? The third question is, “are the enrollment figures mostly from either the online, physical, or hybrid? The fourth question is, how can the university offer more self-service financial aid? The final question is, how can the university optimize the period of enrolment?

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