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Civil Rights Movements History | Annotated Bibliography Assignment Writers

Bond-Nelms, Cheryl. 2018. “Boycotts, Movements and Marches.” https://www.aarp.org/politics-society/history/info-2018/civil-rights-events-fd.html.

The article gives a detailed account of the civil rights movements in the 1950s and 1960s.  It describes the struggles that civil rights liberators had to go through to fight against social and racial injustices towards the African American communities.  According to the article, the protestors fought against slavery and discrimination, where one of the successes of the movements was the abolishment of slavery. Nevertheless, according to the author, discrimination was not entirely abolished since there still exists multiple cases of racial discrimination in the US presently.  The article is vital for the study in that it provides a list of the major boycotts, movements, and marches that aimed to bring social change to the minority communities in the country.


Clayton, Dewey M. “Black lives matter and the civil rights movement: A comparative analysis of two social movements in the United States.” Journal of Black Studies 49, no. 5 (2018): 448-480.

The journal compares the civil rights movement that took place in 1961, with the black lives matter that took place in 2020. The Black Lives Matter protest rose to be a social movement that was responding to the numerous killings of unarmed Black Americans. It is easily comparable to the civil rights movement, which was a social movement that fought for black liberation. The journal expounds on how the two movements are similar and their impact on the livelihood of the affected communities.  It also looks at the strengths and weakness of the two movements, more so on the issue such as inclusivity and boldness of the protestors, where their goals and objective are well highlighted. This is a vital source to use for the research, since it gives the reader a better understanding of what the civil rights movements entailed and how they helped in improving the rights of the  African American communities.


Esajas, Mitchelle. 2016. “Lessons from the Civil Rights Movement: Reflections on the Long Movement for Black Liberation from Atlanta to Amsterdam.”

The article expounds on the issue of civil rights movements and what they mean to the people. Issues faced by the minority communities often lead to such movements where the civil rights movements and the Black Lives Matter movements are comprehensively addressed in the article. The history of the movements is emphasized, where the issues that people were protesting against seem to be similar to what the current protests tend to address. The source gives the reader an insight into how the civil rights movements have been operating globally, nationally, and locally.  It also highlights the need for such movements in the future, as a way of addressing social and political issues affecting society.


Mazumder, Soumyajit. “The persistent effect of US civil rights protests on political attitudes.” American Journal of Political Science 62, no. 4 (2018): 922-935.

The journal addresses the need for protests for significant institutional changes in a country. It explicates the civil rights movements in the US, which was a major social movement that brought forward institutional changes. According to the author, the attitudes portrayed by the protesters were very crucial in ensuring that there were changes and that affirmative action was undertaken to ensure that the country observed civil rights. This is an important source for the study in that it highlights how social movements are imperative in impacting national politics.


Tuuri, Rebecca, and Steven F. Lawson. “Civil Rights and Black Liberation.” A Companion to American Women’s History (2020): 337-351.

The source focuses on the role of women in the social rights movement.  According to the authors, women played a major role in ensuring that black liberation efforts were achieved.  The authors give a detailed explanation of how women were a key factor that contributed to the success of liberation. According to the journal, this got to prove that they are a very vital part of society.  The source focuses on particular women who were on the front line in the civil rights movement despite the multiple challenges they had to endure. One of the major challenges that the women tried to focus on when protesting was the issue of sexual violence, which united diverse groups who all advocated for welfare rights.

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