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Chinese Students Under Exam-Oriented Education | Leading Assignment Help Online

The topic to focus on in this exercise aims at analyzing the impacts, progress, and perception towards the Chinese students under the exam-oriented education. In China, the education system is run by the state under the Ministry of Education (MOE) being tasked with the development and determination of the policies and curriculum to which the Chinese students are exposed to in the learning process. The research of various data sources including journal articles, peer reviews, scholarly, and editorial contents present the exam-oriented as a pointless and backwash culture. Thus, the pedagogical approach lacks to manifest into inducing creativity, imagination, and sense of the self – undermining the quality of the child’s ultimate success (Kirkpatrick & Zang 2011). Hence, it proves to be more problematic than a solution based on the long-term.

Problems Associated with Exam-Oriented Pedagogical Approach

VT (2018) argues that the exam-oriented applied in China “does not provide a fair environment and equal opportunity for all students ailing from different backgrounds.” The exam-oriented has profound flaws following the lack of critical thinking training cognizance leading to the development of holistic students’ capacity. These sentiments are reiterated by Kirkpatrick and Zang (2011) with the fact that the pedagogical approach stifles the sense of student’s creativity, innovativeness, imagination, and believe in the self as key temperaments of knowledge and skills development. The pressure to excel undermines the students’ capabilities to learn and understand new content as the main objected is to pass exams. Hence, the approach is eroding the education system than the building capacity of Chinese students.

Hu and West (2015) outline that the approach does not account for the differences between rural and urban students and schools in China. The distinction comprises the resource difference between the schools which makes it difficult for fair competition. Chan and Tin (2018) illustrates the system as a form of exhaustive measures with students required to complete endless homework assignments and continuous assessments as a form or preparing them for the final exams. This culminates in students losing interest in “matters outside their school subjects” (Chan & Tin 2018). Consequently, it makes students inept with dealing with diverse problems in the world outside the classroom.

Solutions (Interesting Approaches)

Some scholars have attempted to provide alternative approaches to the pedagogical approach in the Chinese education system. Kirkpatrick and Zang (2011) advocates for moderating of pressure on students to excel in exams only. The arguments show the value of deemphasizing the high-stakes testing which can, in turn, lead to the motivation of students to learn more issues essential in life. Hu and West (2015) advocate for equality and non-segregation in academic support across all Chinese schools. This is fundamental to presents the students with an equal opportunity to excel in areas that are of interest to them and have the talent. The transformation of exam-oriented to students’-centered pedagogical approach is vital to enhance the Chinese students’ skills in a more competitive and efficient manner. Students require thorough learning processes that develop skills and competence beyond high-stakes testing as the optimum goal.  Thus, research on equal and fair opportunities for all are paramount topics to transform the Chinese education approach.

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