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Chinese Migration to the U.S. Essay | Professional Homework Helper

I am currently studying (insert course of study) and expect to understand the issues revolving around immigration and the measures taken by different countries to overcome challenges associated with the concept. I want to find out the factors influencing the Chinese migration to the U.S. and the government’s take on the issue. Upon settling down in the U.S., I would also like to know the immigrant’s expectations and their approaches towards the new challenges presented by the foreign country. What are the factors influencing Chinese citizens to migrate to the U.S.? By posing this question, I expect to receive positive feedback that inspires individuals in their immediate environment.

In this research, the Chinese migration to the U.S. will be explored in-depth to provide a profound understanding of the issues that trigger the behavior of individuals. By creating an enabling environment where individuals can discuss the events that trigger people’s reaction and their ability to overcome challenges in their surroundings, this research will focus on informing the readers about the problems they can encounter in the foreign land (Leong and Mei 260). Notably, the U.S. has been associated with racial discrimination and segregation that affects the perspectives of individuals towards life. Hence, exploring the issues equips individuals with information that allows them to overcome problems in their immediate environment.

Part Two: Intended Audience

By conducting this study, I expect to shape the perspectives of Chinese citizens and their counterparts in the U.S. who might be seeking answers regarding the influx of Asians in their country. Importantly, engaging the U.S. citizens and posing questions might reveal various reactions that will enhance the credibility of the study (Lim). Besides, this study focuses on developing viable solutions that can be used by both the Chinese and U.S. administrations to control outcomes during the process of immigration. Even though Chinese citizens might be inspired by their dreams to relocate, obtaining their views will also enable the researchers to make informed decisions.

The research will rely on existing information concerning immigration and the uptake from the public and relevant stakeholders in the two countries. By examining and reviewing the literature, the study will identify any patterns and use them to develop questions, which will respond to the underlying issues affecting relations between the two countries (Li and Diana 69). Notably, this research will use qualitative methods to acquire information regarding the role of immigration to the economic growth of both the U.S. and China. Also, the use of questionnaires will eliminate any bias that can affect the outcomes of the research.

Part Three: Significance

While there may be other studies on the topic, this research will dwell entirely on their recommendations and objectives they failed to accomplish. At any given time, individuals experience a desire to migrate to developed nations such as the U.S., where they can improve their quality of life (Fan 250). In this regard, many studies have not explored the challenges that are likely to emerge during their process of migration. Besides, conducting this study will create an enabling environment where both the Chinese and American authorities can explore any existing loopholes to overcome challenges affecting their growth.

These research findings will be structured in a way that inspires individuals by demonstrating the benefits of migrating and remaining in their countries. Even though countries such as the U.S. might have better opportunities for Chinese citizens, creating balanced feedback will improve the relations and overcome any bias that can affect the thought process of individuals when interacting with other people outside their motherland (Pei 561). This research will focus on social theories to explain the possible outcomes that can be realized from people’s interactions and their ability to overcome challenges affecting their expected growth and development.

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