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Part One: Photo One

Student demonstrators calling for the Chinese liberation from its oppressors were gunned down by the Chinese government on June 5th and 6th, 1989 (Bain, 2017). The Tiananmen Square Massacre defines the bloody crackdown meted on student demonstrators who stood on their ground to call for a free and democratic China, where people would express themselves without any form of censorship. Following the death of Hu Yaobang, who had put in measures to deliver China from its oppressors, the students were obliged to protest to the government over its involvement of the death of a liberator (Shen, 2019). With the students citing other issues such as the inability of the Chinese education system to prepare them for the market, specific sources in the government were threatened by the rise of a youthful stronghold that was aware of its rights and freedoms. Over a thousand protesters were killed at Tiananmen Square, while more than 10,000 people were arrested.

Photo Two

When the U.S. and China had a conflict in 1949, the then President Harry Truman was concerned about the rise of communist nations besides China. Countries such as Japan were the first to be hit by allies affiliated to the United States. The People’s Republic of China rose to defend Korea after more than two million succumbed to the war. China’s support to Korea is inspired by the need to develop a united Asian front that can handle the changing needs of individuals in their immediate environment. Many Chinese who volunteered to help Korea with the war saw it as an act of honor that would protect the Asian culture against an imminent issue that threatened their civilization. From this realization, participating in the Korean war was portrayed as an act of courage that would shape the nature of interactions between the countries in their subsequent interactions. Understanding people’s needs are one of the techniques that should be used to influence the approaches used by people to connect with their emotional and logical perspectives.

Photo Three

The Chinese Presidency is largely a ceremonial office that has limited powers, unlike in other countries. In this regard, the Presidency since 1993, has been held concurrently by the general secretary of the Communist Party, who administers various roles that represent the interests of the country. For instance, as the President, the head of state can engage other dignitaries on global issues and administers the party rule as its general secretary. Differentiating the two key roles enable individuals to understand the aspects that are propagated in the party rule because of their impact on the perspectives of individuals towards life. Following the measures that focus on creating viable solutions opens up opportunities for individuals to understand the Chinese system of governance that has become a frequent topic of study over the years. For this reason, recognizing the input of the Presidency, who also serves as the general secretary of the party, offers various insights that seek to address issues affecting individuals in their surroundings.

Part Two

Mao Zedong’s goal was to restore the People’s Republic of China to its communist ideologies by eliminating individuals who challenge the rule by embracing the capitalistic perspective towards life. By purifying the communist agenda, Mao believed that China would accomplish its growth and development objectives that would expose the country to an enabling environment to promote change. While this push attracted resistance from other people, Mao relied on young people to introduce a fresh face in the political climate. By appeasing the resisting population groups, Mao disrupted normal activities in the People’s Republic of China using his growing influence in the country. Unfortunately, more than 20 million succumbed to the justified violence that affected the perspectives of individuals towards life. Considering the nature of approaches that were introduced in the region, it was impossible to achieve Mao’s goal without embracing a unique approach that would expose individuals to an enabling environment.

Part Three

Re-imposing Mao Zedong as the Chairman of the Communist Party of China was met with a series of problems that affected the nature of approaches between the people in positions of power and their counterparts in other cadres of governance. By purging those who resisted Mao’s ideology, the country was exposed to a challenging environment that hindered individuals from pursuing their objectives in the country (Walder, 2016). With the piling resistance, the Red Guards were supported immensely by Mao, who ensured that their influence in the country grew with the cultural revolution. However, by weaponizing the group and using it as propaganda machinery, Mao’s influence in China grew by the day because of the changing needs of individuals. Some of the goals that were achieved through this relationship include the destruction of China’s pre-communist era symbols, artifacts, and images of Chinese leaders (Lee, 2018). Rong faced the wrath of the Red Guards because of the propaganda that he had betrayed the Maoist ideology through his careless statements during a conference. The impact of the report convinced individuals to join the Red Guards to attack Rong and those who supported him in the country.

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