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Chimera Research Senate Bill 570 | Do My Homework

The Honorable Marco Rubio,

United State Senate

Washington, DC 20510,

(202) 224-3041.

Dear Senator Rubio

Re: Chimera Research Senate Bill 570:

Greetings to you, Honorable Rubio; I am writing this letter to support the Chimera research under consideration in the Senate (Chimera Research Bill, 2018). Currently, there is a global shortage of donor organs; at least twenty-two people die daily in the U.S while waiting for a transplant. Chimera research was conducted in an attempt to fight this problem by developing human organs inside animals. This research opens an opportunity to survive, especially to people who need body parts like the kidney. In addition to growing human organs, Chimera research will potentially produce treatment choices for persons suffering from life-threatening and chronic diseases such as diabetes. It is so frustrating to see someone you love die helplessly due to a problem we can overcome. Growing human organs in animals will significantly improve medical research (Kawai et al., 2019). Those who conduct drug research could conduct it on animals instead of using human beings to test new drugs, reducing the chances of side effects, poisoning, or even death caused by a new medicine. Human-animal chimera research has significant merits for neural analyses, psychological modeling, and human organ harvesting, and the most relevant is the organ donor market in the United States. Patients who require organs like kidneys sometimes lack people who are willing to donate organs to them, and some who volunteer to donate their organs end up having some health complications that threaten their lives. Organ transplant is also a risk process even to the donor since the donor has to undergo surgery, which leads to complications and even death. If chimera research is approved in the Senate, most of these challenges posed to both donors and patients will reduce in the United States.

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