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Chaucer’s General Prologue | Do My Homework Online

Chaucer’s “General Prologue”

In Chaucer’s “General Prologue,” thirty pilgrims are being introduced. The intention is to portray views from the pilgrims’ perspectives on the way to and back from Canterbury.  He puts all members of the society on parade, where one escapes from his satirical ridicule.  There is much satire use in the entire prologue, which Chaucer well articulates. However, the aspect of pilgrims’ tale that I find to be most satirically interesting, and nourishing is the clergy. The clergy members who have the most satirical character in the propagule include the Prioress and the Monk.

The Prioress is a gentle lady, who is somewhat educated, yet very delicate and takes good care of herself. Additionally, she takes care of her lips when eating and ensures that she has no stains on her clothes. She cannot stand any pain or even watch a mouse get stuck.  Her dress is elegant and tidy. Chaucer’s picture of the Prioress is gentle and with settled irony. She is a nun but cannot forget to be one who always brings up her feminism first. Her possessions suggest that she secretly longs for a better life, more than she currently has in her religious walls.

The other character is the monk, who was in charge of the property of the church. Chaucer prioritizes on describing the irony of the monk.  From the tale of the monk, it is ironic that his actions are a violation of his monastic orders. His lifestyle includes the love of food, clothes, pleasures, and his dislike toward the monastery, which contradicts his religious vows. His character is satirical in that it is the exact opposite of what one would expect from a monk.

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