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Changing Patient Condition Cinematherapy and Reflective Activity

The “Leave No Trace” movie speaks about isolation and existence in a world characterized by no contact with the world due to the presence of mental illness. A retired military man who has post-traumatic stress disorder lives in the forest with his daughter. The film thus depicts the isolation and never-ending challenges affecting military veteran personnel.

Tom is one of the main characters in the film. She plays the role of a responsible daughter by following her father whenever he went. She does not object to any decision made by the father. Her behavior is motivated by responsibility and accountability since she feels a need to support his father. The other main character in the film is Will, Tom’s father. He has to protect and take care of his daughter despite experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder. For example, he sells painkillers to veterans to support himself and his daughter. Lastly, Dale, the head of the park, decides to evacuate Will and his daughter. He is motivated by the desire to safeguard the natural habitat.

The film depicts distinct coping methods. One of the coping mechanisms is bugging out and hiding. Will taught his daughter to hide from the park rangers as a survival mechanism. Even though it worked for some time, the two got arrested and placed under social services. The other coping strategy was the commencement of an initiative to earn income. For example, Will sold painkiller tablets to soldiers to make a living. He used the money to support himself and his daughter.

As a nurse, I would present recommendations such as the provision of quality psychological services and specialized interventions. It is important to note that some wounds and illnesses can be invisible to the naked eye (Russian, 2020). These approaches help persons who have PTSD to attain emotional stability. Most PTSD patients have unstable mental processes, and these services can provide significant assistance.





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