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Change Management as a Domain V Task | College Homework Help

Article Title: Remember the Human Element of Change Management.

Source: Journal of AHIMA

Change Management is one particular undertaking under Domain V. Hernandez and Dean author an article regarding change management in the Journal AHIMA. The article discusses the significance of change management and how it is intertwined into numerous phases of an execution to progress the probability of achievement. The authors deliberate on the involvement of shareholders, champions and persons in the analysis and preparation in the course of the execution stage. They are interested in the scheduled alterations, communicating the alterations, and the actual application.

According to Woebkenberg, Hernandez and Dean (2019), the personnel utilizing the EHR and the procedures they handle across diverse functional subdivisions is vital to the general success and sustainability of the application. Involvement of individuals from cross-functional regions during all phases, ranging from selection of products to optimization and provision, boosts the element of buy-in and a refined labor force. Various openings to implicate these team members consist of technical project conventions, Use-case review consultations, Go-live inclination checkpoint deliberations, Change control conventions, Live-day technical gatherings, Post-live and support consultations.

According to Deokar & Sarnikar (2016), implementation of a people-centered or user-centered method bears a significant impact on the insight and approval of the EHR and the subsequent modifications. Communication is a significant element before, after go-live and during go-live. If operators do not feel sufficiently understood, they may psychologically desert the procedure and revisit the old practices. On the other hand, if end consumers identify that they are not being sustained and that the EHR is not working for them, then a degeneration of buy-in and usage may similarly deter the efficiency of the system. Communication at every stage is significant, particularly letting operators express their apprehensions and also involved in any remediation and resolve preparation.




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Woebkenberg, J., Hernandez, S., & Dean, A. A. (2019). Remember the Human Element of Change Management. Journal of AHIMA90(5), 30–55.

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