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Central Texas Family Shelter Paper | Best Essay writers

Central Texas Family Shelter is a non-profit organization that will be established to address the growing problem of homelessness in the Central Texas area. The rate of homelessness in Texas has been on the rise leading to social vulnerability (Lasode, 2019). Thousands of individuals have continued to find themselves homeless every year, with major reasons being alcohol and drug addiction, mental illness, and lack of affordable housing. Central Texas Family shelter will create and implement innovative programs to eliminate homelessness. The organization will be built on the principles of housing first, which has effectively facilitated superior results in strategies of ending homelessness.

Mission Statement– To create a safe and inclusive community by helping those who face homelessness.

Vision Statement– To eliminate homelessness and deal with its causes by supportive housing and improving lives.


  • Central Texas Family Shelter provides permanent supportive housing aimed at helping individuals achieve their goals and remain stably housed.
  • The organization offers rapid re-housing to help the homeless quickly obtain a house, stay housed, and increase self-sufficiency. Rapid re-housing aims at helping an individual to stabilize in housing and exit homelessness more efficiently (Cunningham and Batko, 2018).
  • The organization also has programs that empower people impacted by homelessness to set goals, make decisions and learn from their mistakes to improve their lives.

Board of Directors

  1. Board Chair- The board chair will oversee the board’s work and facilitate meetings. The board chair will closely monitor the executive director to warrant that things are working as required and keep the board informed.
  2. Vice-Chair- The vice-chair will be assigned special duties but will have the same responsibilities and duties as other board members. They may also be asked to fill in for the board chair when needed.
  3. Board Treasurer- The role of the treasurer is to manage the budget and chair the finance committee. The treasurer will ensure that all the financial reports are updated promptly.
  4. Board Secretary- The board secretary will record and maintain accurate meeting minutes. Additionally, the secretary will monitor the legal compliance of the organization.
  5. Program Director- The program director will be in charge of the services and programs that the organization runs, such as supportive housing, rapid re-housing, and empowerment programs.

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