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Considering that CBT challenges dysfunctional beliefs through logical and rational analysis, and the direct modification of clients’ cognitive processes through attentiveness and acceptance, it would be effective in addressing substance abuse and depression .It is evident that Karen and Kali abuse drugs and suffer from depression. I would work together with them to identify the negative perspectives and misconceptions that they have towards themselves, those around them and their future. I would request them to assess how their feelings, thoughts and emotions affect others. For example, I would ask Kali to express how she feels when she takes the marijuana, the impact the marijuana has on her and how her actions affect her family members. Karen, on the other hand would be requested to express why she consumes excessive alcohol, how her alcoholism affects each of her family members, and how she reacts when she is drunk. Further, Karen would be aided to identify why she feels she is a bad mother and examine the evidence for and against this belief. Both clients would be trained to become more assertive and engage in activities that make them feel good about themselves.

Crisis Intervention

The severity of the clients’ situation would be evaluated through a risk assessment. It would also be investigated whether the current residence in Fort Lupton impacts the crisis. Each family member would be requested to identify what triggered their negative responses. For instance, Joe would be asked what he expects from the other members. In this particular instance, less engaged and quite individuals like Jacob will be encouraged to communicate. I would encourage all clients to express their emotions and feelings to identify how certain factors have escalated this crisis. Clients will be reassured they can resolve the issue, and be allowed to assess alternative coping strategies (Watson, 2017). The members would be asked to improve their communication, and be more willing to listen to each other’s concerns.

Humanistic interventions

Humanistic interventions will be applicable to all clients. The focus would target on growth process and not problem-solving. Clients will be perceived as unique individuals with diverse capabilities, behaviors and emotions (Bland, & Derobertis, 2017). I would mainly focus on clients’ strengths because the aim would be to enhance family relationships. I would assist the clients to identify their needs by probing them to identify their unfulfilled concerns. Clients would be required to appreciate each other’s strengths. For example, I would empower Joe and Karen to realize that they are capable of being good parents. The children would also be encouraged not to give up and to pursue their studies because they have the capacity to achieve their desires. Great emphasis would be placed on the achievement of goals. For example, Jacob would be encouraged that he could still become an officer, as long as he avoids disorderly conduct and continues with his studies.

What you would do and why, using components of these theories

The expression of emotions and feelings, which is a crucial component of these theories, will be key to establishing underlying issues that trigger family conflict. An action plan will be implemented to ensure that clients can manage their feelings.




Evidence-based interventions

I would use Dialectical Behavior Therapy to offer clients with new skills to decrease family conflict (Wilks, 2017). I would also use CBT in: examining the positive and negative implications of continued substance abuse, self-monitoring to determine drug cravings, identifying coping strategies and high-risk situations that facilitate the desire to use drugs and recognizing high-risk situations for substance use.

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