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Case Study: Robin Hood Essay | Do My Paper

Robin Hood faces a series of problems because of his inability to handle the unanticipated growth and development. Firstly, Robin Hood’s organization is undisciplined. Secondly, the high maintenance and operating cost for overseeing the execution of different tasks have undermined Robin Hood’s organization. Finally, given Robin Hood’s decision to allow everyone to join the organization without receiving the prerequisite training, only a few members understand the various roles and responsibilities aligned to the group’s mission and vision in the business environment. From this observation, Robin Hood is expected to address emerging issues such as keeping up with the changing times, goal alignment, and change management to accomplish his desired outcomes. Hence, addressing the emerging problems will expose him to opportunities and assure him of success against the strong Sheriff side.

Question Two

Since Robin Hood’s group is unorganized, there is a need to review its mission and vision to accomplish its intended purpose. Robin Hood is underemployed and is expected to do more with little help from his large group of followers. Developing a new mission that complements the group’s original goals will yield favorable outcomes and strengthen the organization’s foundation in the business environment (Bartlett et al., 2021). In addition, the new objectives should improve the existing group’s plans to expose the organization to an enabling environment where it can accomplish its new directional focus. Therefore, developing a new strategy is a critical approach that will enable Robin Hood to execute its operations seamlessly.

Question Three

Even though the current strategy is feasible, Robin Hood cannot accomplish his desired outcomes because of the limited staff who can delegate and oversee the execution of tasks in the organizational structure. Many of the managerial functions are executed by Robin Hood, who is overwhelmed and thus, hindering the organization from fulfilling its intended purpose in the business environment. Enhancing the current strategy by adopting a new strategic direction is a critical approach that allows Robin Hood and his men to execute their vision in the current settings successfully. Therefore, changing the organizational structure will improve efficiency because of increased supervision that hinders individuals from accomplishing their expected outcomes.

Question Four

Killing the Sheriff is not a viable option because of its implications on their operations. Robin Hood’s organization is influenced by the need to empower the poor by bridging the gap between them and their wealthy counterparts. While the moral aspect of Robin Hood’s organization is questionable, it plays a vital role in balancing the unfair business settings in the community. However, killing the Sheriff will negate Robin Hood’s efforts to help the poor because of the impact of the criminal actions on his overall identity and the organization’s public image. Besides, killing the Sheriff will not improve the situation faced by Robin Hood and his organization.

Question Five

Given that Prince John had deployed many spies to monitor Robin Hood’s movements and operations, joining the Barons would expose him to an environment where his amnesty was guaranteed. However, Robin Hood would now be forced to be more vigilant and cautious of his operations because of his action on the underlying issue. Some of the benefits that Robin Hood could enjoy upon the release of King Richard include his future amnesty (Stock, 2021). In the same vein, King Richards would address the plight of the poor who had been ignored by the prince. However, the mission was dangerous and could expose Robin Hood to a wide range of consequences that could threaten his organization and existence in the business environment. Besides, the Baron could walk away from their promises to Robin Hood, exposing him to the law.

Question Six

Robin Hood should delegate tasks to focus on more pressing issues without succumbing to the distractions caused by emerging problems. In this regard, Robin Hood can trust qualified and experienced managers to handle specific problems that undermine the performance of his organization. In the same vein, discussing issues and developing a viable solution with the group members will create an enabling environment where innovative approaches can be designed to strengthen the organization’s image and visibility in the business context. Decentralizing the organizational structure will involve more people in managerial functions, promoting efficiency in its operations through the seamless execution of tasks and other emerging issues.

Question Seven

Robin Hood should enforce discipline by actions, where his followers witness the consequences of failing to comply with the anticipated rules and regulations. Decentralizing the organization’s structure will delegate managerial duties to other qualified personnel who handle emerging issues, leaving Robin Hood responsible for supervising other demanding tasks. Importantly, combining efforts will lead to developing an adequate training rationale that exposes recruits to a thorough process where they can learn different aspects of the organization. Empowering the group members and enabling them to become merchants can equip Robin’s organization with a competitive edge over other wealthy businesspeople in the region. Besides, acquiring this competitive edge will compel the prince to focus on the issues facing poor people in the surroundings and create a win-win situation in the community.




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