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Case Study on Millennial Executives | Do My Assignment

Several youthful Baby Boomers and Gen-Z executives tend to be perceived as detached, emphasizing the end result and the capability to tackle challenges aggressively. According to Lublin (2017), the management style may not work for millennials, as they desire social dependability, continuous communication, and collaboration. Millennials possess their unique style of management, and it may transform the company’s image.

Challenge Facing Millennials

A young executive’s employment to superior management positions can be disturbing for elder managers whose profession paths have been less impressive. According to Lublin (2017), currently, one of the most significant challenges that millennial executives encounter in the workplace today is acknowledging what they are unaware of and humbly pursuing guidance from the seniors. Mmmm states that millennials are too proud to seek assistance from older individuals as they tend to believe they know everything due to the impacts of the internet when growing up. Young administrators grapple with winning recognition from older acquaintances, who presume them to be egotistical and make blunders.  It is due to the point of view that young executives ought to open for collaborations with elder colleagues to guarantee the acquisition of new concepts.

Why Companies are Hiring Younger Executives

In most cases, youth is unexploited on young managers. A majority of multinational corporations such as Ford Motor Co. seek the services of youthful managers to kick-start or reinvent the business entities. According to mmmm, there is a rising demand for youthful managers, particularly in digital commerce and artificial intelligence.  For instance, Mr. Tariq, who was in recent times global marketing and communications director for Apple’s selling department, is facilitating the renowned vehicle manufacturer’s aim to overhaul the current business model that has been in existence for over 113 years. This is aimed at shifting to new transportation services.  The firm opted for Mr. Tariq’s service as a result of his reputation for challenging convention. Therefore, more personnel find themselves being accountable to younger managers.

What are the important leadership lessons for young executives?

According to Lublin (2017), training young administrators in higher positions of management is a great concept to facilitate easier integration with older colleagues. In the article, Jessica Biggazzi Foster, executive development global practice for RHR International LLP head, states that her company is receiving more projects to prepare young administrators, particularly individuals appointed from another corporation. The preparation of young millennial managers in the workplace is indispensable because they need ought to have the ability and persistence to be able to interconnect professionally and successfully with older personnel in the corporation.

Through efficient communication, young leaders can forge a stronger relationship and assist each other in executing the firm’s mandates. This also assists in reducing cases of hostility and feelings of disregard for young administrators from elderly members of staff. For instance, Matt Anderson was 35 years during his employment at Arrow Electronics Inc. as the first chief digital officer. He was given the mandate of fast-tracking the transformation at the electronic distributor into digital products and services. He developed a cordial relationship with the company’s executive officer, leading to a great working relationship and assisting each other. As a result of his resilience in discharging his duties, Mr. King advocated, on behalf of Mr. Anderson since he presented a new outlook and went out of his way to work in partnership.

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