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Brief Description

The organization covered in the case study is located in the state of New York. New York is not a right-to-work state which implies that employees are legally and mandatory required to make payments to the unions as a condition for employment (Devinatz, 2015). Also, this is based on the fact that whether or not they choose to participate or take part in the activities of the union. New York is an at-will state which indicates that the employer or the employee can terminate their work at any time for any reason so long as it is legally binding (Eisenach, 2015). In response to the union formed by the employees in the organization, their issues and grievances are negotiated and discussed with the union representatives.

The issues of the terms and conditions under question include meeting the legally stipulated meal time of at least 60 minutes, provision of the medical and health insurance for the employees and their dependents, regulation of overtime hours, working conditions and employee rights, as well as, the improvement of benefits accorded to employees such as perks and the regulation of employee appreciation gifts offered on annual basis based on competitiveness in the workplace (Hagedom, Paras, Greenwich & Hagopian, 2016). These comprise of the permissive bargaining subjects that must be negotiated by the union representatives to ensure the employees reason for unionization is adequately address which comprise of the stagnation of the issues raised for a long time (Lytle, 2015). Hence, prompting the employees to unionize to have the organization improve on how they treated their employees.

Bargaining Team – Supervisors Selection

The bargaining team should be adequately informed both with resources and knowledge to effectively bargain on behalf of the employees. The selection of the bargaining team will include Supervisor C (Curtis Contingent) who is chosen for his capacity to effectively establish good relationship in the workplace. His leadership style is based on the assessment of the situation and generating the best solutions. This is vital in the conflict resolution in the case. The second member of the team will include Supervisor B (Brooke B. Haven) who is selected for her special talents in decision making. As a good listener, this is critical to listen to issues of both sides and articulate the best decisions to resolve the conflict prompting the employees to unionize.

The third supervisor will include Supervisor D (Deryl “The Situation” Davis) who is chosen based on his capacity to raise suggestions and views that are acceptable to the employees and the negotiating board. Davis possess the capacity to be sound party in the negotiating table leading to a potential conflict resolution. The fourth and final member of the bargain team will comprise of Supervisor F (Fatima T. Formation) who is selected based on her beliefs that employees’ motivation and appreciation is fundamental to performance and functionality of the organization. Formation possesses the capacity to fight for the employee interests to the nail. This is vital in the conflict management to ensure that the best resolution is developed leading to the employees’ satisfaction on the issues that led to their unionization.

Bargaining Strategies

The application of collective bargaining strategies is fundamental towards attaining a lasting solution to the matter. As a lead negotiator, the use of collective bargaining strategies is fundamental to determine fruition of the process. The first strategy that can be employees comprise of starting with a strong voice (Doerflinger & Pulignano, 2018). This is vital to enable the negotiator to take control of the negotiating agenda and issues. The second strategy that can be applied to the case can entail strategic identification of appropriate negotiating counterparts (Long, 2016). This is fundamental to ensure viable solutions are brought to the negotiating table and are promising in the conflict management. The most efficient strategy recommended to the team entails the use of starting with a strong voice. This is vital to ensure that the negotiating team always remain on top and lead of the negotiations. As a result, on all accounts, it will be the biggest beneficiary of the negotiations (Gregg Learning, 2018). The capacity to maintain the upper hand is fundamental for the negotiating team to ensure their win has profound impacts to their side. Thus, retain a higher positive value and capacity to mitigate the potential losses.

Impacts of Failure to Meet Labor Management Agreement

In the case, the lack of meeting the labor management agreement by the negotiating team and the employee supports risks prolonging the unionization of the employees. This has devastating effects on the organization. It risks disrupting operations continuity – putting the organization at competitive disadvantage. Also, it risks eroding the organization’s reputation as a bad employer. Furthermore, this has adverse effects on the organizational culture that risks to be diluted as the employees no longer feel safe and secure in the organization. Therefore, every possible approach and solution must be critically assessed to avoid a situation in which the labor management agreement is not met.


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