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Case Study Analysis – Relationships/Environment and Networks | Online Assignment Help

Case Study Analysis

From the article, “Survivors of School Bullying”, Tammie is one of the victims affected by bullying in her school. She is a female African American in the sixth grade, who happens to be shy, quiet, and highly sensitive, a factor that made bullies focus their attack on her weight (Ramirez, 2013). From this case study, Tammie’s microsystem is her mother. On the other hand, her mesosystems include her classmates, teachers, and her online presence on social media.  Her coping strategy in dealing with the bullies is through confiding to her family and friends, occasionally opts to stay alone, and also depends on social media for companionship. In the event she has a problem with one of her bullies, she seeks comfort with her friends in the form of needing a laugh. Her system affects how she copes with the bullies and needs a better support system which would help her stand for herself to face her current bullying challenge.  Tammie could also look for alternative hobbies outside the classroom activities, which can help her deal with bullying, such as participating in a sport or a group activity.

A second participant in the case study is Sandra, who is also a victim of bullying. She is a 12-year-old African American in her sixth grade diagnosed with a particular learning disability (Ramirez, 2013). She happens to live with her grandmother and older brother. Despite her mother living in the same town, Sandra doesn’t have direct contact with her, which is a factor that negatively affected her. She is a victim of bullying in school, both verbally and physically. Her favorite activity is to watch comedy programs and play with her dog. From her case, it is evident that her microsystem includes her grandmother, brother, and her dog. On the other hand, her mesosystem entails her school environment, where she continuously gets bullied.  Similar to the first victim, her coping mechanism is to stay alone, with her dog or watch comedy, which is a huge distraction from her bullies. Nevertheless, there is a need for her to get help from her teachers, who can reprimand her bullies and create a safer and better environment for her stay at the school.

Another victim of bullying is Iris, who is a thirteen-year-old Hispanic, in her seventh grade. Iris resides with her mother and younger sister. Her hobbies include watching comedy programs on TV, where she also listens to music on the Radio (Ramirez, 2013).  Iris’ microsystem entails her sister, mother, and her extended family, given that she is Hispanic.  Her mesosystem is her physically absent father, her classmates, teachers, and her music scene. Her coping strategy is by having thought cessation and her redirection. She uses this strategy as a way of suppressing and redirecting her negative thinking. This response is also linked with her love for watching television, which helps in escaping the reality of getting bullied at school. The TV offers her remedy for something fun and interesting, which helps to get her mind off her troubles. Nevertheless, she needs moral support from both her family and teachers to help with dealing with the challenge of the bullies.

Ricardo, a fourth participant in the case study, is an 11-year-old male of Hispanic origin, who is in the seventh grade. Ricardo lives with his mother and two sisters, where he happens to have regular contact with his absent father (Ramirez, 2013). His hobbies include watching movies, playing video games, and playing with his friends. Nevertheless, he is a victim of bullying at school. His microsystem is his mother, two sisters, and his close friends with who he plays sports. On the other hand, his mesosystem entails his father, classmates who continually bully him, and also his teachers who do not help deal with the bullying challenges.  His coping strategy can be referred to as an instrumental coping skill since Ricardo has a mindset that one day, he could befriend the bullies.

This is since, he stays in a house full of females, where he has continually tried to be liked and accepted by the bullies who instead continue to physically and verbally abuse him.

A fifth participant in the case study is Aaron, who is a victim of bullying. Aaron is a 13-year-old male African American, in his seventh grade, with an outgoing personality. He has a learning disability, a major reason why his classmates bully him both physically and verbally. The bullies make fun of his overbite, which is a key focus of the attacks (Ramirez, 2013). He lives with his mother but has no contact with his father. His microsystem is hence his mother, with who he has a strong bond since he is the only child. His mesosystem includes his bullying classmates, his absent father, and his teachers.  His coping strategy is to pay attention to the surroundings or confide in one of his teachers.  It is also natural that he confides in his mother, given that he is the only child in his family.  Paying attention to the surroundings is necessitated by the fact that he does not have many distractions at home given that he is alone. For his case, there is a need for the teachers together with his mother to explore other coping strategies that could help Aaron deal with bullies. Such strategies will ensure that he has a more conducive environment both at home and in school.

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