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TO: February 13, 2019



SUBJECT: Introducing Changes at the Division of Economic Analysis


Executive Summary

Following the deployment of Karen Hannen to the Division of Economic Analysis, which operates under the Department of Commerce and Economic Development (DCED) in Orewash, was optimistic of her attempts to reclaim the lost glory. While Hannen’s predecessors had failed to introduce specific measures that would appeal to the general public, she was determined to change the outlook of her division by introducing performance evaluation measures.

Hanne’s decision to introduce employee performance evaluation was influenced by the need to understand the contribution of individuals in the workplace. In this case, the review revealed Robert Welch’s incompetence that significantly affected the division’s performance and inability to meet assigned tasks. The current organizational structure does not put employees to work for their failure to achieved corporate objectives. Importantly, the current framework favors Welch who exposes other employees to additional tasks that should be undertaken by him.

Therefore, Hannen should make a bold decision that will enhance the performance of her division in the following approaches:

  1. Encourage Welch to review his conduct in the workplace and attitude towards the execution of tasks and responsibilities in the division.
  2. Replace Welch with a competent manager who understands the importance of accomplishing assignments and meeting the expectations of the entire organization.

Problem Analysis

When one explores the inability of the Division of Economic Analysis to meet its objectives, it becomes evident that the problem is caused by the managerial approaches to interact with employees. After Hannen introduced performance evaluation measures, it emerged that a section of employees was uncomfortable working for the division and expressed their interests to explore other opportunities in the business environment. From this observation, it is evident that the organization had been investing in the wrong employees who contributed to its inability to accomplish assigned tasks in the workplace. Hannen’s conversations with Welch reveal an undedicated employee who is unwilling to reform and adapt to the changing times in the organization.

Despite being in a managerial position, Welch uses his appeal to exploit junior employees in the division who are unable to resist his approaches due to their relations outside the workplace. In this regard, Hannen observes that Welch uses his humor instead of his work knowledge to initiate conversations during managerial meetings with other shareholders in the division. While the senior economist in the department has proved to be incompetent, there is a need to initiate strategic moves that reflect Hannen’s ambitions to reform the division and reclaim the lost glory. Considering Welch’s limited interest to accomplish the set objectives, there is a need to implement the two recommendations stated in the executive summary to enhance the operational performance of the division.

When the divisions prepare to adopt the recommendations, which focus on Welch, the department will become vibrant and initiate conversations with the relevant authorities to achieve set objectives. While Welch believes that his seniority should influence a majority of the decisions made by Hannen, the senior economist should align his interests with the changing times to ensure longevity in the department. In this regard, the overall department should create an enabling environment for Hannen to execute her plans and facilitate the change process by financing her ambitions through budget approvals and supplements. Besides, other departments such as Legal should express their interest to support her plans to realize the governor’s promises to the people.

Recommended Course of Action

Hannen should hold an intense conversation with Welch to discuss his future roles and responsibilities in the division and its impact on the outcomes of events in the entire department. In this regard, Hannen is expected to introduce reforms that will change the outlook of the division at a time when her predecessors demonstrated their inability to increase the performance of the department. However, Hannen’s current plans and framework that involve employee performance evaluation have revealed the problems affecting the productivity of the division. Through her consistent interactions with employees and timely feedback regarding their productivity, the division has established the need to have determined workers who are interested in achieving the organizational objectives.

It is recommended that Hannen urges Welch to realign his interests with those of the organization and commit himself towards the realization of company objectives and expectations. By challenging Welch to be better, the division will benefit from his nine years’ experience that he has acquired while working for the Division of Economic Analysis. Likewise, the senior economist will see value in Hannen’s consistent push, a move that will encourage him to be better. However, if Welch fails to comply with Hannen’s request, it is recommended that the division should replace him with a competent employee who understands the significance of meeting deadlines and performing duties as expected.

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