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Case Management

According to Prgomet et al. (2017), establishing a good rapport is one of the essential aspects of case management. Good rapport generates a close and harmonious relationship with the patients. The more a case manager gets to know their client, and the more they know the case manager, the calmer the practice. The significance of rapport in case management may not be adequately stressed out in case management. It links the patients to the case manager and improves the quality of patient care. Therefore, case managers must devise strategies for building rapport with their clients.


One of the ways a case manager can create rapport is by creating shared experiences. Rapport does not develop devoid of human interactions, and a suitable method of initiating a conversation is through creating fresh, shared encounters (Galvan, 2020). Shared experiences may be considered as attending a conference session together and complex cases such as coordinating new management processes. Close working together to define challenges, devising solutions, and designing strategies assist in bringing a case manager and client closer.

The other significant aspect involves open communication. According to mmmm, good communication is a significant factor in advancing patient outcomes. Comprehending the client’s communication inclination and the state of mind has a significant impact on developing a good rapport with the client (Peterson Drone & Munetz, 2010). Notifying clients of changes is one of the ways of establishing excellent communication. The other aspect entails encouraging the clients to share their frame of mind. Open communication is one of the significant aspects needed for rapport.

Strategies to obtain intake and assessment information from clients

One of the strategies is listening to the client. In the preliminary client discussion, a case manager ought to provide an opportunity for the client to fully elaborate on the facts and their interest in solving the challenges. The interviews are a chance of building a relationship of trust to enable the acquisition of credible information.  The other strategy involves making the conversation personal. To ease the client’s stay, it is essential for a case manager to effectively know the clientele by asking about the significant aspects of life. This conveys the desire to comprehend the wish to comprehend them as a person and as a patient.

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